It all started with one look

It's about a girl names Skylar who likes this huge boy band called one direction. One day she got tickets to see them and that's when her life changed..


5. me?

 All of sudden the lights went out and screams filled the stadium. Flashing lights and the sound of 'Up all night' started playing. They're angelic voices rang through the stadium and i could see their cute, perfect faces. There they were, Niall, Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Harry. I screamed I couldn't be happier! They were amazayn ;) I couldnt help but notice Niall, he looked like her was searching for someone in the crowd. As soon as he came to our side I screamed "NIALL!" and waved, he looked up to where I was sitting and smiled and waved. Harry and Zayn also waved at me but it was the look Niall gave me that made me love him even more than i already did. 


*Niall's P.O.V*

It was those few seconds before we went on stage that i got butterflies in my stomach, i just remembered about that girl! I need to find her, we all went on stage and started singing. Wow I thought, they were really loud here. I loved it! I began to search the crowd, of course i sang too. All i could think about was finding her, I waved a some fans also cause they meant the world to be but i just really needed to find her. I went to both sides of the stage and then there she was! I managed to find her through all the waving hands. She really was beautiful, but she definitely looked 15.. I didnt care. All this time i had been searching for a fan that i could finally call mine and i think i finally found the one. I wasnt sure how i was going to contact her but i knew i had to find a way. We did a couple more songs and i kept going back to her side so i could see her. It was time to change into some other clothes and i took that as a opportunity to ask the guys on how to find her and talk to her.

"I need help, i wanna talk to her but i dont know how to its packed in there." I asked all the guys

"um, maybe you could tell her to wait there after we finished the last song." 

Louis always gave great advice wether it was about girls or life in general. 

I was just about to speak then i was pulled out on stage again. We performed our songs and i even tried to show the guys what she looked like without making it too obvious.


*Skylar's P.O.V*

 I noticed that Niall came to my side a lot but thats fine with me! I sang as loud and proud as i could! They began to sing Little things, silence filled the room along with twinkling lights from everyones phones. It was the most beautiful this i've seen, aside from them. 


*Niall's P.O.V*

I was singing 'Truly, madly, deeply' and i came to where she was singing and I sang to her, well it seemed like i was singing to that whole crowd but i felt like it was just us two in the room. I loved every bit of it. We sang more songs, answered some twitter questions and i was having a lot of fun! Then we were ending our performance with 'What make you beautiful'.


*Skylar's P.O.V*

They were ending off an amazing performance with 'WMYB', as they were ending it Niall came over to my side again and mouthed "wait there". i wasnt sure if it was to me, the other 20 girls by me were thinking the same thing. Well i decided to stay because i really wanted it to be for me. I was probably one of the last ones there, but just as the security was escorting me to out i heard a familiar voice "WAIT!!", it was him. 


*Niall's P.O.V*

I finally got off stage and ran to my dressing room to change then quickly ran under the stage to the side where she was. I saw security escorting her out, "WAIT!" i yelled hoping to catch her attention. It worked! Finally, i get to talk to her. i was actually kind of nervous but i had to do it, i needed to know if she was the one. 



A/N ugh. the chapters are still short but yeah, i will write another chapter soon i just want to know what you guys think so i can know if this is a crap story or if its alright! xx


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