A Summer To Remember *Sam Pottorff*

Ashley (Ash) is a normal 17 year old girl trying to get her life straight. When she finds out she's moving to Florida.. Everything Changes. But not her Sam Pottorff story. Everyone seems to write about One Direction.. So I'm changing it up a bit.


2. Chapter 2.

 Ashley's P.O.V

When I finally got my mum to settle down I went to take a hot shower.. I got out and heard people talking and laughing downstairs. I smiled. The people are finally here to look at the house. I went and changed into a nice floral skirt with a white top and a jacket. I put on flats and put my hair up into a cute bun. I walked downstairs checking the time. 5:35 p.m. 

When I got down the long flight of stairs I found 4 people, and of course my mum. I waved and smiled. '' Oh! Hunny, these are the people buying the house. Come meet them. '' My mum said while facing me. '' Uh, Hi! I'm Ashley but everyone calls me Ash. '' I said. '' Hi, I'm Laura. '' The mother said. '' I'm Tom. '' The father said in a serious tone. '' Hey. I'm Kian. '' The boy who looked about my age said. Last but not least I looked down at the little one. '' Hi! '' She said with a big smile. '' I'm Mia '' She then said. I giggled. '' Well, welcome to our home! Even though your only living here for a bit.. '' Mum said as she look at each one of them. I turned to mum and gave her a confused look.                                 We then all walked to the kitchen which had the table set up with food and plates, forks, napkins.. I sat down in my usual spot as Mia sat by me and my mum took the other side of me. Kian sat in front of me and Laura sat by Kian. Tom came and sat on the other side of Kian. '' Well, let's dig in! '' My mum said and started to get her food. Everyone started getting their food. It was crazy. 

When we finished eating the family went in the living and my mum and I cleaned up the place. '' Mum what do you mean they're only living here for a bit? '' I said as I washed the dishes. '' Well, they are moving over to Orlando just like we are. '' She said while laughing. '' Then why are they taking this house if they are going to Orlando the same day?'' I asked in confusion. '' Well their getting kicked out of their house when we go to Orlando, their gonna live here for a bit then fly over. '' She replied. '' Oh.. '' I said as I walked to the living only the see...



' So this is the second chapter. I hope you enjoyed! A cliffhanger.. Oooo. I have no idea what's gonna happen for the next chapter.. So I might take a bit to update. Bye! ~Mackenzie~

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