A Summer To Remember *Sam Pottorff*

Ashley (Ash) is a normal 17 year old girl trying to get her life straight. When she finds out she's moving to Florida.. Everything Changes. But not her Sam Pottorff story. Everyone seems to write about One Direction.. So I'm changing it up a bit.


1. Chapter 1.

  Ashley's P.O.V                                                                                                                                                 I walked into my home smelling the fresh scent of.. Bread? I walked into the kitchen. '' Mum? '' I ask as I see my mum cooking bread. '' Yes hunny? '' She replies humming along to happy tunes. '' Why are you cooking bread? '' I say to her questioning.  '' Oh, Some people are coming to look at our house. ''  She replies smiling. '' Seriously? '' I say with a big smile plastered on my face. I've always wanted to move across town or something. '' Yep. '' She giggles. '' Where are we moving? Down the street? '' I ask getting a little too jumpy. 


'' Nope '' She says while the grin comes off her face. I stare at her. '' Where mum? '' I say quietly. '' Uh, Orlando, Florida. '' She replies quickly. I look at her with a pale face. No expression. '' W-Why?? '' I literally scream. '' Hunny.. Calm down. It's the only way.. I need to start working. I found a job there..  '' She says while looking at me. '' What about dad? '' I ask. '' He's staying here. '' She replies. '' Huh?  '' I say looking confused. '' Go upstairs hunny. I'll be there later. '' She then turns away and starts taking the bread out of the oven humming softly. I walk up to my room feeling like my life has died..


I soon hear a soft knock on my door. '' Come In. '' I say while looking over at the door only to see my mum walk inside. '' Hunny, your father and I.. a-are getting divorced. '' She says almost crying. '' Oh mum! '' I jump up and hug her tightly while we both cry together.. Well.. I guess my life is changing.. But I can't let this happen.. I mean.. I can't let my mother and I be loners in Florida. I'm finding mum a guy.. Someone perfect. Unlike dad..

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