Hey guys this isnt my story its by a girl named Fanny on facebook just type in Nothing Like Us. she makes amazing stories so i decided i wanted to share one with you guys!!!(:


1. Temptation

Tittle: Temptation 
Part: Part 1
I Got home from work at 6:30am to wake up Frances I jump on her bed
Me: Honey wake up is 6:30 
Frances: Can i stay today?
Me: Nop Get up 
Frances: Please, Please
Me: Frances no get up and get ready for school
Frances: Ok ok Can you make me breakfast?
Me: Of course
I go to the kitchen and make her Pancakes She sit down in the table to eat
Me: I'm so tired i'm going to sleep Have fun and behave (smile)
Frances: Of course i am a nice girl right?(angel face)
Me: Yeah an angel (laugh)
I Change clothes and go to my room and fell a sleep i was exhausted.
Frances Wakes me up
Me: Hey sist its 3 so fast
Frances: No is 5:30 i got here a while ago i cook rice with chiken
Me: thanks
I get up and eat with her 
Me: So how was school?
Frances: You know same like always
Me: What happend?
Frances: This stupid girl was making fun of me because i am a belieber
Me: (laugh) oh just ignore her 
Frances: I just hate when people make fun at me or at justin
Me: Oh Frances you are obsesses with this boy
Frances: I love him Hillary he is the best is like i know him you dont get it but he is my world
Me: Omg! your worst that i thought (laugh)
Frances: I love him i am in love with him 
Me: Ok ok 
Frances: That's why i am saving for his last concert that is here in L.A
Me: Oh he is from L.A
Frances: He was born in canada but he lives here in L.A
Me: Cool And when is his last concert?
Frances: The day of my birthday 
Me: You have 3 days to buy a ticket to his concert? how much is it?
Frances: Well the lowest ticket cost $75 
Me: And how much you have?
Frances: 40
Me: I will help you ok lets go get the tickets before i go to work
Frances: Really?? (excited)
Me: Yeah anything for you 
Frances: Your the best sister in the world i love you!!
Me: Lets go hurry
I Get in the car and drive her to Ticket pop
Me: 1 Ticket for the justin bieber concert
Lady: Sorry but the concert is sold out their is no more tickets
She start crying
Me: Frances calm down, what abou the Vip tickets?
Frances: YOu cant pay that much
Me: Shh
Lady: All sold out
Me: Agh!
We walk away and she is still crying
Me: I'm sorry sist but we can buy some new posters?
Frances: Its ok i'm tired i want to go home
She was quiet all the way home
Me: I'm sorry you should have told me before
Frances: I'm sorry 
Me: but hey we live in the same city so maybe we could park infront of his house and wait for him (laugh)
Frances: Yeah maybe
She goes to her room and Malcom walks in
Me: Hey baby (kiss him) 
Malcom: Hey babe lets go out?
Me: I cant i only have to more hours until work agh
Malcom: Then we have time to make a baby?
Me: (laugh) No baby just sex 
We start making out
Me: In my room not here my sister is in the room
We go to my room and start making out and i stop
Malcom: What?
Me: my sister she is so sad i couldnt get her jb concert tickets
Malcom: Forget abou tit she will forget abou that guy in a few days
Me: she has been like this since 2009 she is not going to forget about him
Malcom: C'mon babe kiss me
Me: I'm sorry i just not in the mood its just her face she was crying for him
Malcom: Agh! its always about her Hillary just take all her jb things and make her forget about him
Me: That boy saved her when she feel sad or depressed she listen to that song be alright and she feels better with that
Malcom: that girl is crazy (laugh)
Me: Malcom stop it
We have sex and he laid down seeing me get dress for work
Me: I am so tired of this work 
Malcom: I told you i can help you but you dont want to
Me: Your job is ilegal so no thanks
Malcom: Yeah but i dont need to work my ass off 
Me: Well i think different
I kiss him and he leaves, I go to Frances room
Me: Baby i have to go lock the doors and dont let anybody come inside ok?
Frances: Ok bye be careful i love you
Me: Ok me too
I get in my car and drive to work
---At work---

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