Believe? In me?

This is my entry for the movellians have talent competition


4. believe

I look in the mirror and what do I see

A girls who is weak, this shouldn't be me

I throw down the make-up, I don't need it no more

I throw the fakeness, it cracks on the floor

Out goes the thoughts, that made me so sad

Made me think, that I was that bad

but now I am strong, a new girl inside

I no longer feel, that I need to hide

There's more to this story, more to my pain

Tears roll down my cheeks, like small drops of rain

 I'm not the same, I've changed, I swear

I'm gonna live my life, without a single care

I want to restart, change the way I think

fix all my problems, find the missing link

now I am strong, where I was once weak

I am now loud, where I was once meak

I have now changed, it's easy to see

because now I believe, believe in me.


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