Believe? In me?

This is my entry for the movellians have talent competition


3. Believe in me

I'll believe in you, if you believe in me,

I believe in myself, it's not hard you see

Just think about you, your troubles, your pain

When you believe in yourself, there's so much you gain


There's no-one like you, like me, like us

So little reason, to make such a fuss

When you love yourself, you have more love for others

More love for fathers, more love for mothers


Don't let anyone, tell you you're wrong

Tell you you're bad, tell you so long

The haters may leave, walk out on you or me

But what we see in ourselves, is stuff they'll never see


So believe in me, believe in you

And i'll believe in us, believe in us to

And together we'll believe, believe in what's right

It's our own inner demons, that we must fight.

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