In this story there is a 12 year girl called felix. Her parent gave her up for adoption at the early age of 1 and a half. When one direction adopt her will she able to live a normal life or will she turn into a superstar like her adoption parents with her amazing voice?


5. Goodnight! Xoxo

Hmm all done I thought as I collapsed onto my bed. That was a exhausting yet exhilarating day. "Lexy! Time for tea." I heard Liam call from the dining room. "Coming, I called back as I rose from my bed and ran down the stairs. "I'm soo hungry what's for dinner?" I asked dragging the so. "Lasagne" Harry said. "Yumm that's my favourite!" I said. "I wanted Nando's but they wouldn't let me!" Niall said sadly. "Haha maybe tomorrow night" I said laughing. 

We had finished dinner and we were all ready for bed. "So time for bed?" Louis said. "Ummm time for a movie!" Niall said smartly. But I had to admit a movie did sound pretty good so I went with it. "Oh ok if we must" Louis said "but what are we gonna watch?" "Toy story!" Niall said excitedly. "Umm no" I said speaking for everyone by there faces. But we couldn't agree on anything else so we just ended up going with toy story! "YAY!!" Niall yelled as he flopped on the couch.

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