Magic and mysterys

Helena Potter was kidnapped as a baby and left at an orphanage one day she gets a letter from hogwarts where she finds out about her past and meets 5 guys Harry styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik they must prepare for an attack from an old family enemy and their army....


2. The Letter

The envelope was a tinted white with a red wax seal of an emblem on the front it said 

Mistress Helena Potter 

It was handwritten I opened it up and began to read

To Mistress Helena Potter,

You have been accepted to Hogwarts school of wizardry and witchcraft normally you would have the sorting hat decide which house you will be in but because of your mother and father you shall be in Gryffindor your first day shall be the first of september please read on to find your needed equipment Vera Kingsleys niece Mistress Cassidy Weasley shall take you from here 

Very much appreciated, 

Professor Edmund Dumbledoor 

I couldn't believe what I was reading Cassidy had always been the popular girl I didn't think she knew me and who are my parents I just read the Equipment list 

5 books 

Dark arts survival for beginners

Basic spells,potions and tricks 

History of witches volume 1

Animals,creatures and beasts by G&F Weasley 

Most important spells of all Time by Harry Potter 

Wait! Harry Potter could he be my..... No he couldn't be..... Could he? I was in the middle of reading when Cassidy came in

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