Fight for you

Scarlett Evanston is an innocent girl with a secret. By day she's the not so popular high school student. By night she is one of the best woman boxers in the country.
Harry is the school's bad boy who uses boxing to escape from the world. He's a trouble maker and seems to be the complete opposite of Scarlett.
But what if they're really not that different. What if they both have a deep dark secret that they haven't told anyone?
Read Fight for you<3


1. First day

   It's just another average day of my senior year of high school. An average day of having to hide what my true passion is.

     I'm practically a super hero if you would call it that, nerd by day, elite boxer by night; fighting against menacing girls whose cockiness wants to "rule the world".

     Sure, my job brings down people's confidence and brutally hurts them but I swear, the sound of the bell going off, the ref raising you arm in the air, yelling, "WINNER!", it makes it better every time.

      I slapped my old Muhammad Ali alarm clock my grandma had gotten me when I was twelve. I groaned at how early I had to get up. I popped up out of bed and put on a sports bra and running shorts. It was only 5 am so it was still dark outside. Nobody would see me.

     I only ran 5 miles, half of my usual 10.

     I got home by 5:45 and took a quick shower. The bus came at 7.

     I walked out of the bathroom, wrapped in a maroon towel, and ran into my bedroom a few rooms down. I locked the door and decided on what I was wearing. I decided on a pair of jean shorts and a blue button up shirt. I rolled the sleeves up too my elbows and buttoned up the last of the buttons.

     I dried my thick, ginger hair with my pink hairdryer, then slightly curled it and put it into a messy bun, putting my bangs to the side. I pushed my thick, big glasses up to my eyes and applied my make up.

    I put a normal line of eye liner around my eye, along with applying mascara and a red lipstick.

    Once I was ready, I rushed downstairs and grabbed breakfast. "Morning Scarlett. I made Pancakes." Mum said. "Thanks Mum but I go by Cara now, not Scarlett."

    "Whatever you say darling. Eat quick, you only have 10 minutes until the bus comes."

     "Alright although you made enough food to feed the entire town of Cheshire." We both laughed.

      I ate as many pancakes as my stomach could hold and rushed out of the door, yelling goodbye to my mother. I walked to the bus stop to find my best friend Lena waiting for me.

    "Hey Cara. I hear there's a new boy attending at school. He used to go to a different high school on the other side of Cheshire but he was kicked out. Nobody knows why though. Must be bad alright." She said and slightly giggled.

     "What's his name?"

     "Harry Styles."

     "Well I know that I won't be talking to him. He means nothing to us Lena. I hope he's in none of my classes." I said. I can't stand bad boys.

     "Me too." Lena replied as we walked onto the bus.

      We arrived at school shortly and walked to our lockers.They were a little ways away from each other but not too bad. I grabbed what I needed and headed to my first class, Literature.  I expected myself to be the first one there but there was a boy standing next to the teacher's desk.

      I decided on a seat near the back of the room. I could see the board and hear the teacher but I wouldn't be noticed as well as I would if I sat in the front.

      The boy had curly brown hair and was extremely tall. He was wearing all black except for an old pair of brown leather boots. He was cute but I was alarmed as his booming voice yelled at the teacher.

      "There is no way I am sitting in the front seat!" He screamed. I slightly giggled but decided to stop watching their fight. I pulled out my agenda book. I had my boxing schedule carefully written out on each day. I never showed my agenda book to anyone, not even Lena. Lena didn't even know I was a boxer. "Lena doesn't know a lot about me." I thought, knowing that my real life would surely frighten her.

      My agenda book was filled with drawings, to quotes, to basically everything I would be doing throughout the day.

       Practice from 7 to 9. It read in my neat, circular handwriting.

       "Whatcha looking at?" A deep, male voice said from behind me. I quickly shut the book and shoved it in my bag.

        "Nothing. It's none of your business." I said as the boy looked me up and down. "Pervert." I said under my breath and slid into my chair. He only laughed and sat in the seat right next to mine. "I would appreciate it if you sat in a different seat." I said, obviously ticked.

    "Sorry sweat heart. The teacher said I've got to sit next to you to keep me in line." He said. What a prick.

    "Luckily you're pretty hot." He whispered in my ear. "Stop talking to me prick." I said. He only laughed. He stopped talking to me once more and more people started to pour in and the class began to start. "You never told me your name sweet heart." He said. "It's Scarle- I mean it's Cara." I said, annoyed. "Beautiful name Scarlett. I'm Harry, Harry Styles."


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