Fight for you

Scarlett Evanston is an innocent girl with a secret. By day she's the not so popular high school student. By night she is one of the best woman boxers in the country.
Harry is the school's bad boy who uses boxing to escape from the world. He's a trouble maker and seems to be the complete opposite of Scarlett.
But what if they're really not that different. What if they both have a deep dark secret that they haven't told anyone?
Read Fight for you<3


3. Detention

      I walked into the detention room to find Harry sitting at a table in the back. Ms Segil was sitting at her desk with a rude grimace on her face.

    "Scarlett you sit right up front here. I hope that neither of you will be in here again. I'm going to the teacher's lounge to get a cup of coffee, I should not hear any noises from this room and neither should anybody else. I'll be back soon." Ms.Segil said and left the room, just as Harry left his seat and sat in the chair next to mine.

     "Hey." I didn't respond. "So now I get the silent treatment huh? Mm fun." I rolled my eyes at him. "So you're just going to sit here for an hour when you could be in great conversation or kissing m-" " Um I have a boyfriend okay? Ashton and I are very happy together and-" Harry burst out laughing. "HE'S your boyfriend. No wonder you don't like me. You have terrible taste in guys." He said with a devilish smile.

    I playfully slapped his arm. "Hey he's not that bad." "Yea you're right he probably only uses a pound of hair gel every day." I giggled at that one and shrugged. Harry was actually acting normal for once. Bipolar much?

    "He doesn't treat me bad and he can be really sweet some times. What more do you need?"

    "Are you one of those clicky couples that sees each other every second of the day?" I blushed and looked away from Harry. "No we really don't see each other too much out of school and I really don't know why I'm talking to you or telling you any of this." I said, facing towards the front of the room again.

    "Has he ever called you beautiful?" He said. I froze. "N-no he hasn't and I really don't want to talk about Ashton anymore. Ms Segil should be coming back soon and I would highly suggest you moving back to your seat. I-" I stopped talking as Ms. Segil entered the room.

    "Harry I don't remember telling you to sit in that seat." She said. "Neither do I nor do I give a-" "You're going to be right back here tomorrow unless you want to keep talking back to me then I-" "Okay I've got nothing better to do. I wouldn't think that you do either.." "Alright Styles you get detention for the next week." She said as Harry smiled.

     Ms Segil stayed in the room for the rest of the time and minutes seemed like hours. As soon as the clock hit 3 o clock I ran out of the room and out the school doors. I had no idea how I was getting home and there was no way I was calling my mother.

    "Need a ride?" I turned around to see Harry dangling a pair of keys from his hands. "If you don't mind."

     "Thanks." I said as I climbed into the passenger seat of the small black convertible. "No problem. So where am I taking you?" "You can just take me to that bakery that's like fifteen minutes from here. My house isn't to far from there and I think it would be best to surprise my mother with muffins before telling her I had my first detention." "True."

    We got to the bakery in record time."Thanks for the ride."  "No problem. It was a great way to start off my week of detentions." We both laughed.

    "Cara? Styles?" "Ash? Baby I-" "What are you doing with my girl Styles? Huh?" Ashton said, gripping my arm and pulling me behind him. "Ashton he was only-" "I didn't know that Scarlett was a piece of property. I guess I won't just give her a ride home when her bloody ass of a boyfriend isn't there to!" "Stop it! Please! Ashton we were in detention and I had no ride home so he just did me a simple favor. I'm sorry." "Detention?!" "I'll explain later. Please just stop it." I pleaded.

    "Fine." Ashton said as he pulled me in close to him and planted his lips on mine. The kiss barely lasted 5 seconds before we were interrupted by a roaring engine of a car backing out.

    I told Ashton everything that had happened, well besides the details about Harry and I's conversation. He drove me home, just to find my mother sitting on the front porch with her arms crossed.

    "SCARLETT ELLIS LANE I HAVE BEEN WORRIED SICK ABOUT YOU!" She screamed. I thanked Ash for the ride and ran over to my mom. I tried to explain everything. "I don't want you hanging out with that boy Cara he sounds like trouble." " I know Mom I'm sorry. I won't talk to him again." "You better go get ready for boxing. You need to be there in a little more than an hour and 30 minutes."

     I ran upstairs and put on my neon pink sports bra with matching shorts and my white boxing boots. I tied my hair up in a pony tail and wrapped my hands in my black wraps. I took my mom's car and drove to the boxing gym. It wasn't too far away.

     I walked inside of the old gym to find nobody there except for my coach. "Hey coach. How are you?" "I'm doing good. I've got a new prodigy that's starting to come to the gym. I guess he had been going to the gym on the opposite side of town." "Cool. I can't wait to meet him." I said and smiled.

    I did my daily jump roping and heavy bag routine and had now been doing speed bag for 4 rounds.

    "The new guy is here if you want to meet him." Coach said as he stepped out of his office door. I took a sip of my water and walked into the office.

    I took once look at him and nearly choked.



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