I Found You

A girl named Allyson's parents die in a car crash and has to go to foster care eventhough shes 18. And its a 1D fan fic!!!


1. There Dead!!!!!

Allysons P.O.V.

Hi my name is Allyson. I live in london. I know what you might be thinking! OMG have you seen ONE DIRECTION there!!! And no I havent! I couldent care less about One Direction. Anny way.... this is my story. You might whant to get comfterble. Because this might be awhile. It all started when I was at home while my mom and my dad was at the supermarket. I was 18 so im allowed to stay home alone. But I was also grounded so thats why I didnt go with them. I was on my phone when I got a call from my Mom. So I answerd. "Hey Mom! whatsup?"I said "This isnt your Mom. Its the police." " Why did you call from my Mom's phone?"I asked "Beacuse your Mom is dead aswell as your Dad." "What!!!!!!"I exclamed "They died in a horable car crash. I hope you have family to live with. Because if not your going to foster care. Im so sorry for your loss." Of corse, i didnt have family! But i wasnt going to foster care! So im running away. So i packed a sutiecase and put some shirts, pants, pjs, and my emgince money ($500) and I only took the shoes im waring. Low top snekers. i wore those beacuse i know those would be good for walking. 

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