I Found You

A girl named Allyson's parents die in a car crash and has to go to foster care eventhough shes 18. And its a 1D fan fic!!!


4. sorry but its the last chapter

Allys P.O.V

Louie came down and asked me if if i wanted to go and get with him. some coffe with him "Ya sure lets walk." I said getting up from the tabel. I got my shoes and louie got my my coat and on our we were talking then we were accross the street from starbucks. The sign said walkand there were no cars in the street. We started to cross the street then a big truck came andran over louie!! The driver didnt even stop! He just kept driving like nothings wrong!!!! "Jerk!!!!!" I stoped all the cars cuz lou was laying in the middle of the road while I called an ambulance. (2 hours later) I went home and got all the lads we then all rushed to the hospitle ware we heard the news that he is dead! At his funerel I cried almost more then his family. Well thats my story. Sorry its short. Biiii.

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