I Found You

A girl named Allyson's parents die in a car crash and has to go to foster care eventhough shes 18. And its a 1D fan fic!!!


2. Im Gone...

Louies P.O.V.

I was in my livingroom watching the Telly then I heard footprints running out the window behind me. I was surprised I heird the because my eyes are usaly glued to the Telly. I saw a girl running out side with accouple bags. I wanted to know what happend so... I asked her. "Are you ok?" I asked walking out the front door of the house me and the boys were staying in. "Im ok... I guess. Now then! I have to go find a place to live! And a job So it was nice meating you!" She said in a calm but stressfull tone. "WATE!!!!!!!" I screamed out to her. She stoped and looked at me then started to walk tords me. "What." She said. I walked down the steps in front of the door and walked infront of her. I look into her eyes. It was so suddin and it seemed like every thing stoped. That doesnt usaly happen with other girls. Then I finily blurted out "You can live hear! Well untill you find a job and a house of corse." I told her. "Are you sure? Will there be enough room for me?" She questioned "Are you kidding! This is a 6 bedroom house! Luckey for you there is one more room avalible!" "Who are in the other rooms?" She asked suspisusly "Liam, Nial, Zayn, Harry, and me. Were from One Direction." "Wow! I dont care!!!! Sorry Im not a fan (fangirl) of 1D. And yes thanks for the offer." She said excitedly. "Oh! And whats your name?" I chuckled "Allyson. But you can call me Ally if you want." She said with joy. "Ok. Ally." I said. She laughted. "So lets go inside." she followed me into the living room. The boys were glued to the Telly. They were watching Football. "Boys, this is Ally. She will be staying here for a while untill she gets a job and a place to live." They all said hi to Ally but not at the same time! That would be weard. So I showed her to the guest bedroom and left her to unpack and get settled. *2 hours later* "Hi.I brought you some hot brew and a job list. When you have a minuet go through it. I did. I found some grate things for you to do and I highited them." "Thanks!" She said with a smile. "Well im tired. Im going to bed. Goodnight Ally." "Goodnight lou." I waked out to my room and went to sleep.   

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