Aaliyah Minaj ( A Princeton Love Story )

Aye there!!!!
Im Aaliyah JenniferMinaj!
Yes my mom is Nicki Minaj!!
But who cares!
Im 14
I am mixed black and white
I am about 5'2
I have blue/hazel eyes
Nicknames: Ali, A squared, Big A, AJ, brace face cuz i have braces.
That pic was b4 i got them
and anything they think of.
I dont have a career.
I can be nice it depends
I love Princeton
you know from mindless behavior!!!
He is sooo cute!!!

you know what Nicki Minaj looks like so im not doing her


6. YMCMB Compund

*Ali's POV*
My alarm went off at 6am.
I continued to hit it till it went off.
Itt finally did.
I dragged myself out of my bed and went into my bathroom.
I looked at myself in the mirror.
I looked like a dying walrus mixed between and an Ugly Betty.
I took off my pj's and took a nice warm shower.
I was so tired, but i was so pissed off at my mother!
Today were going to the YMCMB Compound!
She has to talk with Wayne, Drake, and some others.
I will kill myself if wanyes daughter is there.
(he has a daughter name Reginae!! idk how old she is! Pretend she is 12)
I got out the shower and dried off.
I walked too my closet and put on 
I grabbed my phone and put it in my pocket.
I went downstairs to the kitchen.
I realised our chef was here today.
I havent seen her in like forever!
Me: HAY! Jessica!
Jess: hey! Girl! Would you like somethin?
Me: Some lucky charms!
Jess: Okay, Comin up.
She made me a bowl of lucky charms
I ate them like i have never eatin them before.
Jess: Sheesh. Your a pig.
Me: Hehe!
I pu the bowl in the dish washer.
Then i hear mom come down the stairs.
Her heels were so loud it caused the whole hosue to shake!
Mom: Girl shut up!
Me: heheh!
Mom: You ready to go
Me: Yah...
Mom: Lets go!
We went out to the freaking bentley.
I sat there ignoring my mother, talking crap
that i really dont care about!
Then i started to think about that party.
Omg i hooked up with Ray?
Are we a thing?
Does he think were a Thing?
was I drunk?
The F***
We arrived to the compund.
I got out the car and ran in!
Wayne: BIG A!
I jumped up and hugged him!
Me: Drake...
Drake: Aaliyah!!!!
We did this weird handshake.
Then mom entered.
Mom: Wayne!!! HAY!
Wayne: Aye Nick!!!
They hugged! SHe kissed his cheek (ew)
Mom: Drake Babe!
Drake: Aye Nick Nic
They hugged!
I sat down on a white couch and mom sat down beside me.
Mom: Wayne is Reginae here.
Wayne: Yah. She is in that room down the hall.
Mom: Ali go play with her.
Me: No.. I. dont. like. hur!
Mom: I f**king play with her!
I got up and walked down the hallway and found the room she was in.
She was playing with barbies,
I freaking 12 year old, playing with barbies.
I walked in the room and sat down.
Reg: Aye Ali.
Me: Hi.
Reg: wanna play barbies.
Me: No.
Reg: Whats your problem!
Me: I dont like you!
Reg: what everyone likes me! even my friends at school.
Me: Suprising!
Reg: OMG Why are you so mean!
Me: I speak the truth. The truth hurts and it sets you free!
Reg: OMG! Why are you like tht!
Me: Why are you a brat.
She had the nerve to walk over to me and kick me in the shin!
I got up and punched her arm!
She ran out the room. She's a freakin tattle tale, and my shin hurts!
I rolled my eyes and got up. I walked down to the living area!!!
Me: Yeah..
Mom: Sh- *gets cut off by wayne*
Wayne: Did you hit her!
Mom: B*** i was talkin!
Wayne: Aye sorry!!
Me: I didnt hit her... *lie*
Wayne: Thats not what she said.
Me: No... She got up and kicked me in the shin, and ran out the room.
Mom: I find that hard to believe cause its you saying that, but i believe you.
Wayne: Girl why you lying about her hittin you!
Reginae: Daddy!!! Im not lying! she did hit me!
Wayne: Go on somewhere!!!
Reginae: AH!
She ran pasted me and i just smirked!
I sat down beside mom...
Mom: Did you hit her..
Me: yah...
Then she slapped my arm!
Mom: I cant believe i believed you!
Wayne: What she was lyin!
Mom: yah..
Me: Only did it cuz she kicked my shin. But i didnt hit her hard.
Mom: But thats not right she's 12.
Me: SO!!!! I Dont like her! She gets on my nerves! She thinks she's all that!
Mom: go, talk to her!
Me: I refuse to! 
I got up and went upstairs to an empty room.
I hopped on the bed and laid on it.
Half of me was hanging off the bed.
I got my out phone and stared at it. I havent got a text message!
I heard someone come in and sit on the bed. I figured
it was mom.
Me: Mom... Go away..
She put her hand on my back.
Mom: Look Aaliyah, I know your mad about the Prince thing, I know your mad at me
but i need you to tak to her. You know she looks up to you!
Me: No she doesnt! She doesnt care about nobody!
Mom: thats not true. Before i came up here, Wayne said the only reason why she 
came was because you were coming! She likes you
and wants to be like you
Me: Ugh. I sat up.. Fine..
Mom: Good..
She hugged me..
Mom: Love yah babe.
Me: Yah yah love you two... 
I go back downstairs and go into the room Reg was in.
She was sitting there looking sad.
Me: Hey..
Reg: Hi.. I want-- * i cute her off*
Me: No.. Let me say somethin. Im sorry okay. I dont want you 
to take whatever i say personally okay!
Yes, you get on my nerves but its only because your 12 and you do baby stuff
I dont like doing whatever you do.. My mom told me that the only
reason you came her was because i was coming.
I apperciate that. Now, i want you to know somethin,
Just because your Lil Wayne's daughter doesnt mean you need
to be a stuck up brat. Even at school.. If you wanna have a normal life at school
dont tell people who your dad is just your closests friends you can trust.
I dont act like that and my mom is Nicki Minaj.  Its not cool to be a brat.
And im not gunna sit here and be talked to like im trash! If you wanna hang with me
fine go ahead, but you better straighten out that attitude and the way you act!
Reg: Your right ali. It was just i thought you acted like that
so i thought i should, at school people only want to be my friend cause of my dad,
but i dont care because i like the attention. I just want to be like you.
Me: Thats fine be like me. But you have to know me, to be me. I dont
act like a spoiled brat. I do get introuble. Shoot im grounded for a week.
I like attention but i get enough from it from the media! Just think before 
you try and talk to someone okay?
Reg: Okay! Im sorry! I mad you feel that way.
Me: Ditto.
She hugged me and i hugged her back.
Me: Okay, How about we play barbies.
Reg: NO I got something better follow me.
We both went upstairs, and went into a room.
Reg: Help me get the blankets off.
We rip off the blanket and throw them on the floor.
Me: Now what.
Reg: Lets drag the matress to the top of the stairs.
I grabbed one side and she grabbed the other. We dragged it to the top of the stairs.
She got on the matress at the very front.
Reg: Get on!
I got on a little behind her. She put her hands on the wall and pushed.
Then we started moving downstairs on the matress. I was scared af! 
We got to the end and we slid all the way to the table.
We were laughing out butts off! We did that a bunch more. We did it
standing up, laying down, backwards, eyes shut!!! Then we stopped.
Mom: looks lik eyou two are having fun!
Reg+Me: Yepp!
Mom: Ali we gotta go...
Me: Where we going?
Mom: Somewhere thats not home!
Me: OMG! Okay! Bye Reg..
Reg: Bye Ali.
Wayne: BYEEE ALI!!
Me: Bye Drake..
Drake: Bye Aaliyah....
Wayne/Drake/Reg: Bye.
Me and mom got in the car and started going!!!
Man where are we going!!!!

(This chapter had no MB in it! Muhaa i love messing with ppl! MB is showing up in the next chapter so dont worry!  

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