Aaliyah Minaj ( A Princeton Love Story )

Aye there!!!!
Im Aaliyah JenniferMinaj!
Yes my mom is Nicki Minaj!!
But who cares!
Im 14
I am mixed black and white
I am about 5'2
I have blue/hazel eyes
Nicknames: Ali, A squared, Big A, AJ, brace face cuz i have braces.
That pic was b4 i got them
and anything they think of.
I dont have a career.
I can be nice it depends
I love Princeton
you know from mindless behavior!!!
He is sooo cute!!!

you know what Nicki Minaj looks like so im not doing her


13. UGH

*Ali's POV*
Mom: Where have you been..
Me: Mom.. I told you i was going out..
Mom: I called you 7 times Aaliyah and you didnt answer.
I checked my phone. I had 7 missed calls from mom and
3 from Jae. My phone was on silent.
Me: Oh.. My phone was on silent..
Jae: I called you! Remember you were supposed to be at the
studio at 1... We have 3 songs that need to be recorded.
We couldnt do it because you didnt show up Ali..
Me: Oh Im Sorry....
Mom: Ali.. If your not going to take the music industry seriously
then you need to leave this group and ill find someone else.
Me: No.. I want to be in this group! Ill take it seriously!
I promise.
Mom: I trust you on this one! Dont f*** up again!
Me: Okay!
Prod: Same for you Prince.. You were supossed to be at Rehearsal at 12:30
Roc: You didnt even have the thought to tell us you would be late.
Prince: Dude. Im sorry.. I totally forgot about that.
Roc: Now your behind and we have to preform on 106& Park 
They Day after tomorrow!
Prince: Man. Okay.. Ill stay up late tonight and learn the moves. Ill
catch up! I promise!
Ray: Whatever man just meet us back at the compound..
Prince: *sighs* alright.
They walked out the door.
Keke: Yah.. Aaliyah. You better be at the studio tomorrow 9 sharp
no dissin us for somethin else.
Me: Okay.. *looks down*
They walked out the door leaving..
Prince: Im gunna go and practice bye..
Me: Bye...
Now it was just me and my mom.
Mom: What were you doing that was so important..
Me: Me and Prince went out to lunch. I didnt know i had to be at the studio...
Mom: Are you Dating him..
Me: Now we are..
Mom: You better not let the boy get in the way of you work.
Me: Mom I wont.. He has his own work to do to.
Mom: I know. And if he does dont for second think i wont straighten you out
because i will. Now you are the girls will be preforming on 106&park to after the boys.
Me: Okay...
Mom: Okay that means you will have your a** in that studio tomorrow working you butt off.
You phone better be on ring to. Because if you ignore my calls again, you will regret it big
Me: Okay mom..
I went upstairs and got on twitter on my phone i tweet.
"Sorry @Jae_Baby and @Keisha_K I didnt mean to blow you off*
I threw my phone and laid on my bed. I stared at the ceiling.
Soon falling asleep!!!!

-Okay soo i updated again.. I only updated because @princess perez(love yhu princeton) wanted to me. so this chapter is for her. Have fun reading peeps-

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