Aaliyah Minaj ( A Princeton Love Story )

Aye there!!!!
Im Aaliyah JenniferMinaj!
Yes my mom is Nicki Minaj!!
But who cares!
Im 14
I am mixed black and white
I am about 5'2
I have blue/hazel eyes
Nicknames: Ali, A squared, Big A, AJ, brace face cuz i have braces.
That pic was b4 i got them
and anything they think of.
I dont have a career.
I can be nice it depends
I love Princeton
you know from mindless behavior!!!
He is sooo cute!!!

you know what Nicki Minaj looks like so im not doing her


16. 106&Park

*Ali's POV*
So.. Me, the girls and mom are at the show..
We back stage away from the boys.
They dont know were heres.
Heres our outfits.
Mom: Yalls outfits are cool!!!
Keke: We match. just different color.
Me: Ik.
Mom: Look the boys are preforming.
We stood there and watched the boys preform.
Terrance: The Next group to preform. is N.E.R.D.S!!!
We ran onto stage and the crowd went wild. We got into positions and the music 
started to play. We preformed Gucci This. When we were done.. We went back stage.
I went to get some some water.. I put the bottle down i turned around and saw prod.
He leaned in and kissed me. Then i slapped him..
Prince came running in the room.
prince: WTF is goin on.
Me: He kissed me!!!
Prince: Whats wrong with you!!!
Prod: Whoa.. No she kissed me!!!!
Prince: What!!! I dont know who to believe.
Rocsi: Lets bring out the N.E.R.D.S
Me: Who are you going to believe. Your Girlfriend or your so called friend.
I walked out on stage with the girls.
We all hugged rocsi and terrance.
T: Okay..Here we have Sugar, Baby, and Shine.
How did you come up with those names.
Sugar (Jae): Well we were having a meeting and our moms were saying
we had to have stage names. so we picked those.
Rocsi: NO.. The question is how did you come up with N.E.R.D.S
Baby (Ali): Itd Never Ending Reckless Dope Swag
Shine (Keke): Or Nerds.
Rocsi: Lol.. ayye.. So. What are your real names.
Me: Aaliyah.
Jae: Jaelyn
Keke: Keisha.
Terrance: Who are your parents??
Jae: Keri Hilson.
Me: Nicki Minaj
Keke: Beyonce knowels and Jay Z
Jae: ahah..
T: Lol lets also bring out MB!!!!!!
The boys came out and girls started screaming!!! 
Prince: Hey girlz!!
Girls: OMGG!!!!!
R: So are any of you dating and who!!!
Jae: Im dating Ray!!
Prince: Me and ali are dating..
Prod: I like someone but she is taken.
Roc: I like someone..and im gunna ask her now..
Me: Who is it:
He walked up to keke..He grabbed her hand and looked into her eyes.
Roc: Keke will you be my number 1 girl??
Keke: OMG! AHHHH YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!
They hugged!!!
crowd: awhhh!!!!
T: So prod man who you like.
Me: Does it matter. She doesnt like him..
Crowd: oooooo!!!
R: Nicki Come on out.
The crowd screamed as she walked up. She walked an stood behind me.
T: Hey Nicki..
Mom: Heyyyyyyyyyyy Terrance..
T: Anyways Prodigy so who you like.
Prodigy. One of those girls.
Prince: Lay off dude!!!
Prodigy: Nah..
Me: I dont like you so get over it!!!! 
Prodigy: I wonttt!!!!
Me: Well then go f---
Mom hit me in the head..
Mom: Dont finish that sentence missy!!!
R: Okay. Lets move to another subject.
Will yall ever sing together.
Jae: it would be cool to sing with the boys. I think we sould.
Ray: Yah. I think we would have fun doing a combination with them!
R: Are any of you doing a tour??
Roc: Well were organizing to do one. We dont know the name yet.
T: What abouy you girls??
Me: No. We have to finish the album before we think about doing a tour.
R: I saw this video on youtube of you girls in staples what happened there.
Keke: heh. We went to staples because i needed some things.
We got there and the manager was so slow no joke. We were looking for stuff.
jae was being stupid and recording us. We were acting like the paparazzi.
Then Ali Knocked over this whole row of phone cases. We ran leaving the mess.
He made us sign the wall before we left, but you know..
R: Wow you guys are something. For the rest of the show. We
will be talking so Nicki.. SO Give it up for MB and N.E.R.D.S.
The crowd clapped and cheered as we walked off.
*back stage*
*Prince's POV*
I walked up to Prodigy.. I tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around 
and i punched him square in the face. He backed up holding his nose staring at me.
He came running he punched me in the gut. We just went at it. The girls came running over
to us. They were trying to pull us apart. Prodigy hit Keke in the face.
Keke: *crys* oww!!!
roc: The f***!!!!
Roc jummped into the fight and started kicking prodigy. Then the guards came in. One of them
grabbed me by the shirt slinging me to this couch and pulling roc and prod apart.
Bob: WTF are you guys doing!! why are you fightin!!!
Me: He Kissed Ali!! Thats my girl not his!!!
Roc: And he is hit my girlfriend!!!!!!!
Bob: You guys need to get it together. I thought you were brothers!!
You need to learn to forgive and forget! Im disappointed in you guys!
Bob left the room.. We sat in silence glaring at each other..
Roc: He's right.. *sighs*
Prod: Im sorry I hit keke..
Roc: Dont tell it to me.. Tell it to her..
Roc leaves...
Prod: Look bro, Im sorry i kissed Ali. I have liked her since i met her.
Me: Then why didnt you say something!!
Prod: Because.. I didnt know what to say. I said the wrong things.
She things im a jerk.. well she never liked me period.
Me: Wow.. you scooped that low to get a girl. I have done stupid 
things.. But i have never dont anything that stupid..
*Ali's POV*
Prodigy hit Keke in the lip and made it bleed. Me and Jae were tryna
clean it up but she would quit complaining!!
Keke: Ow ow ow ow ow!!! It hurts..
Jae: Nah... He hit you in the mouth
Ali: Okay.. Your good. 
Keke: Thanx guys.
Roc: baby are you okay..
Keke: No.. My lip hurts.
Roc: You want me to make it better??
Keke: Please!
Then they kissed..
Me+Jae: Ew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keke: Lol!!!
Mom walks backstage all strange and stuff.
Mom: What happened back here??
Roc: nothing!!!!
Ali: Yah Nothing!!!
Mom: Are you lying!!!!
Ali: Pssh.. No i dont lie mom..
Mom: Whatever.. Anywayys everyone back to my place. Theres a party going on.
Jae: Who is there??
Mom: Chris. Keri. Beyonce. Jay. Drake.. Wayne. Jeezy.Birdman. 2 Chainz.
Jae: OH.. 
*Skips car ride*
*At Home*
We all walk in the house. There were pink and blue strobe lights. Music blasting loud.
People were dancing and being creepy...
Wayne: NICKI!!!
Mom: Wayne!!!!
Wayne: How are you!!!
Mom: Good bae!!!
wayne: ali how you been..
me: fine fine. yah mom.. ill be around.
Mom: Igght..
Her and wayne walked out.
Out the cornner of my eye i saw Ray and Jae go upstairs.
In my opinion Jae has been acting pretty strange.. I dont know what it is, but i 
will figure it out sooner or later.. I saw Roc and Keke Dancing. Prince grabbed me and
threw me over his shoulder. He carried me upstairs to my room and shut the door.
He took off his shirt showinf off his 8 pack ( ;P )
He jumped on my bed and patted a spot beside him!
I rolled my eyes and laid down beside him!!!!
*Jae's POV*

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