Despicable Me 3: The Doctor will see you now

This is a bit of fun I think. I'm a massive fan of Doctor Who, whovian to the extremes and I thought it would be fun to write a story showing what happens to the Adipose.

Despicable Me 2 becomes Despicable me 3 when it mixes with Doctor Who. Ever wonder where Gru gets his minions?

This story is my theory. And I hope you agree.


3. Switching Dimentions

"Dr. Nefario, iz ze portal ready to go?" Asked Gru, hands clasped together behind his back. 

"Yes. All ready. Where is the little lady?" Dr.Nefario pushed his glasses up his nose and looked around. Gru sighed and pointed to the door. Lucy was dragging seven full bags through the door.

"Lucy..dearest? Do you reaally need all of zese things?"

"A spy is always prepared." She laughed and Gru sighed. 

"Ok. Zat will be all Doctor. We leave now. Iz ze nanny on board?"

"Yes. She's been briefed and she's waiting to leave." Lucy's grin stiffened and she made her way haughtily into the ship. There was tension between Lucy and the Nanny but fortunately Lucy was too busy keeping Dave and Carl out of trouble. The two meddlesome minions had been trying to fly the UFO however, after crashing into the bell tower, Lucy thought it would be best if she drove. 

Dr.Nefario had set up the portal on the roof and it didn't take Lucy much effort to fly through it. As they were flying it through the portal and into the time vortex, Dave saw something. He and Carl rushed to the window and pointed, shouting in minion-ese. Gru ran to see what they were shouting about.

"What iz it Dave? A blue poice box?  Dave you mast be going loopy...everyone around here is crazy town loopy-doopy!" Gru muttered. Dave shrugged at Carl and they bounded out the room. 

As they exited the vortex and entered into the dimension, they looked out of the window at the world, so different to theirs. The skyline was all lit up.  Lucy held Gru's hand. Dave held Carl's hand. Carl punched Dave. And they all looked at the beauty that was London.

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