Despicable Me 3: The Doctor will see you now

This is a bit of fun I think. I'm a massive fan of Doctor Who, whovian to the extremes and I thought it would be fun to write a story showing what happens to the Adipose.

Despicable Me 2 becomes Despicable me 3 when it mixes with Doctor Who. Ever wonder where Gru gets his minions?

This story is my theory. And I hope you agree.


6. Final Transformation

It took a couple of hours and Gru had made Dave and Carl wait outside the lab to keep them out of trouble.

Finally at exactly 6 o'clock, Dr Nefario called Gru and Lucy into the lab. Out of the little black room, thousands of minions poured and surrounded Gru, babbling in excitement. 

"Lucy, can I talk to you?" Gru took Lucy aside and Dave passed him a bunch of red roses, "Lucy, you are perfect...and if I have done anything to upset you, I am sorry."

Lucy looked at Gru and sighed. "Apology accepted. Come on, dinner's ready." Hand in hand they made their way into the dining room.

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