Bad boy - Jason Mccan

Alex starts at Madison high school, where she gets 2 friends Sonny and Maddie. But she also meets Jason Mccan and his gang. The baddest and most dangerous guys in town. The town isn't big, but every single one is afraid of them, except... Alex. She is a brave girl and stands up for herself and who she cares about. They all tell her to stay away from Jason, but she just cant...


2. New start

Alex's POV

Today i am starting at a new school, again! It sucks really! okay before i tell you anything about that let me introduce myself. My name is Alex Hudgens. I live with my Aunt and uncle with my sister Vanessa. My aunts name is Lily and my uncle is Jacob. We moved a lot of times because of their work. That means i have changed school about 10 times! And i'm only in high school! I only get to stay at the school for about a month and then we move.

I don't have any friend at all. I guess i'm kind of a loner, if you can say that. I'm not a boy girl, but i don't really wear high heels and tons off makeup. I have been really brave since my mom and dad died in a car accident. I stood up for myself and people i care about.

I'm not scared of danger. I like it...




"Alex!" Lily shouts from downstairs. "Yes?!" I yell back. "We drive in 10!" She yells. I get some shorts on with some black leather boots. I take a blue top on and throw my leather jacket on. I grab my phone and bag and walk downstairs while putting my hair in a ponytail. "Lets go" She say while opening the door. I grab a banana and walk with her. "Isn't Vanessa going to work today?" I ask confused while getting in the car. "No, she said she wasn't feeling good" Lily say and get in the car and drives to the school. "So do you have any plans of moving soon, or can i actually try to get some friends?" I smirk. "Alex please, its hard for us too, you're a teenager, go have fun, make great friends you cant let go off that easily, please just try. I know you're not good at it, but try please" Lily say while pulling into the parking lot. I roll my eyes and look out the window. Suddenly it started raining a lot. I hear the bell ring. FUCK


"Come on! You're late!" Lily yells. "But its raining like mother fucker much!" I yell back. She look at me with a "get out" look. I roll my eyes and open the door and runs fast inside. I run down the hallway and reach the class with the letters "MATH" on. I smile and open it. "You must be Alex, i'm Mr Fit" Mr fit? Doesn't look like that! I fake a smile and shakes his hand. "You can take a seat" He say and gets back to the class. I look around the room to find a seat free next to a blond girl. I walk down and sits next to her. I pull the book out of my purse that i got the other day. I open it to the page and follow the class. "Mr fit, to the cafeteria"  heard a speaker say. "Sorry class, need to go, keep working" He say and runs out the door.


I keep drawing on my book. "Hey i'm Maddie" The girl next to me say and hold her hand for me to shake it. "Alex" I say and shakes it. She nods and smiles. "Your nails are really pretty" She say and point to my blue new nails. "Thank you" I say and smile a little. Come on Alex, you can make friends, show Lily, you can do it! "So can you tell me a little about this school?" I ask sweet and smile. She looks up at me and nods. "Well, where should i start..." She say and sighs. 






"okay now i told you everything you need to know, except me and my friend Sonny, we aren''t really the popular people. There is this group of guys, everyones afraid of them. They can hurt you bad, if you annoy them to much. Last year one of the guys Austin beat a guy almost to death because he took his seat at lunch." She whisper a little. I look at her schocked. Who are this sick guy? Who does that? "They bully everybody if you bump into them so dont do that" She say as we walk in the cafeteria. "There they are" She say looking over at a table, but looks quickly away again. I look over and see 5 guys sitting there eating their food and doing something with some small bags. "Even teachers is afraid of them" She whispers looking away. My eyes was still clued on one of the guys back.


Suddenly he turns around and my eyes meet his brown gazed beautiful eyes. I snap out of it and see all the guys at the table looking at me. "Dont look at them!" Maddie whisper and pulls my arm to the foodline. I look away from them and smile at her. He was just so HOT HOT HOT


"Can you tell me some more about this "Group" of guys?" I ask while taking some food. "Well first there's Austin and Zac, they are 19 years old, they dumped. Then there's Ryan and Christopher, they are 17, and at last theres Jason and Logan, they are 18 like us" She say and take some drinks and walk down to a table. I nod and look over at their table and meets the brown gazed eyes again. I just get totally lost in them. I follow her while looking at the brown gazed beautiful eyes, but suddenly i bump into someone so i drop half of my food on the floor.


I snap out of the moment and look to see that i bumped into one of manly teachers. He had a schocked look on his face with the food on his clothes. "I'm so sorry" I say shocked. "Detention!" He yells in my face, he looked just as red as the half tomato he had over his eye. "What?!" I yell a little. He nods and walks past me. I groan annoyed and sit down slamming the food in the table. "Wow chill" Another girl say while sitting down. "Chill?! It's my first day and i already got detention" I say and slam my head in the table. "Sorry, i'm sonny" She say and shakes my hand. "Alex" I say and smile a little. 






Detention was finally over! It sucked ass! I was the only one with another guy who had been hitting on one of the teahcers. Like wtf? I walked out and saw the rain was over. I smile and start to walk out the parking lot when i see that group of guys standing behind the school smoking. And with that they all turned around and i met those brown eyes again. I was lost in them...seriously. They were just so beautiful and mystrious. Suddenly i hear a car honk. I look at see that the car almost hit me. "Sorry" I mouth to them and walk around the car. I start walking out when someone stops me. "Hey!" Some behind me say. I turn around and see the guy with the eyes again..Fuck it...

"Hey" I say a little weird. "I'm Jason Mccan" He say and holds his hand out. "Alex Hudgens" I say and smile a little. He nods and smiles a little. I thought they said he or his gang never talked to anyone? Weird... 

"Yo dude! You coming, bro's before hoes remember?!" Some guy yell behind him. Excuse me? Jason turns around and look at him. "What the fuck did you just call me?" I say mad and pissed. He laughs at me like i'm a little kid. oh i'm gonna boil over...

I push him hard on his chest. He glares at me. "You shouldn't have done that" He say mad and steps closer. I look at him and push him again, but this time he gets ready to punch me down, but Jason runs infront of him and holds his chest. "wow wow, stop it dude" He say and push him away a little. I guess he's Austin, that psycho guy...

Jason turns back to me. "You really shouldn't mess with him" He say and grabs my arm. I look down at my arm then up in his eyes again. "He called me a hoe!" I say mad. "I know, but he is like that, just don't do that again. He is gonna hit you someday" He say sweet. I wonder why he is telling me this? "I dont care" I mumble and look away. "You will" He say and turns around to walk. I sigh and turn around and walk away. I walk down the side walk and walk down to the street i live on. I sigh and walk in my house. "Alex! What happened?!" Lily say and kiss my head. "Nothing..." I say and push her away and walk upstairs. 


I throw some comfy clothes on and sit on the bed. It had started raining again. Sucks... I turned on my laptop and logged on facebook, to see 3 new friend request. I press it to see Maddie, Sonny and Jason Mccan?! What?! I press accept to them all and check out Jasons profile. The only thing he had was a profile picture and then some friends who had tagged him. "Wild party last night! We were totally gone!" He had been tagged in that. Party guys, i should have known. Suddenly i get a text....from Jason. "Can you help us with something? :)" He asks in the text. I sit there totally blacked out. What? Me help them? Like what? 

"Who are "we"" I ask back. "The gang..." He writes. "really? What do you need my help for? :)" I write back a little confused. "Just a thing...". 



Just a thing...



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