Bad boy - Jason Mccan

Alex starts at Madison high school, where she gets 2 friends Sonny and Maddie. But she also meets Jason Mccan and his gang. The baddest and most dangerous guys in town. The town isn't big, but every single one is afraid of them, except... Alex. She is a brave girl and stands up for herself and who she cares about. They all tell her to stay away from Jason, but she just cant...


6. Message for my readers


Hey guys! 

I know i havn't updated lately and i cant update until maybe sunday or saturday :( 

I have been on vacation and tomorrow i'm gonna see Selena live! I cant wait!! Anyone of you who have seen her?? :) 

hope you understand me, and i'm sorry.. 

- Freja xx 

Ps. I hope you like the story!!

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