Bad boy - Jason Mccan

Alex starts at Madison high school, where she gets 2 friends Sonny and Maddie. But she also meets Jason Mccan and his gang. The baddest and most dangerous guys in town. The town isn't big, but every single one is afraid of them, except... Alex. She is a brave girl and stands up for herself and who she cares about. They all tell her to stay away from Jason, but she just cant...


3. Just a thing...

Hey Guys! I started in school, so i dont have so much time to write but i will try and write as much as possible. On tuesday i'm going to Mallorca for a week, so there wont be updated at ALL. But before i go i will try and make 2 more chapters! - Freja xx 




Alex's POV 

I woke up by the sound of my phone ringing. I groan and look over to see Maddie calling me. I press answer and put it to my ear. "Hey" I say and stand up from the bed. "Hey Alex!!!" Maddie yells in the phone. I laugh and take some jeans on. "I wondered if you wanted to go shopping today with Sonny?" She asked. I thought a little. "Yes, sure" I say shruging my shoulders. I pull a black top over and then my leather jacket. "Yay! I cant wait, see you at school" She say and hang up. I sigh and walk into the bathroom and straighten my hair and put a little makeup on. I walk out and takes some red converse on. I love converse! 

"Goodmorning hunny, do you wanna go to grandmothers house this afternoon, i can pick you up?" Lily say as she steps in the kitchen. "Sorry, i'm going shopping with Maddie and Sonny" "Oh, okay have fun" She say as she grabs her jackets and purse. "You coming?" She ask and open the door. I nod and take my bag and shoulder. We walk and and drive to school. "Do good Alex, remember" She say as i get out. "yes, whatever" I roll my eyes and smack the door closed. I start walking inside when i see Jason and that Logan guy standing behind the school smoking. Jason looks at me and motions me to come over. I sigh and walks to him. I reach him and pulls me into a hug. What just happened? Are we friends? Okay, i dont know...


I hug back a little then pull away and looks at them. "so...." I say a little awkward. "So what?" He ask confused. "Well what thing?" I say wanting to know about the text last night. "Oh we need your help with something, and Jason thinks you will be perfect, since you're a brave girl" Logan say smoking. "Well to help you with what?" "We need some information from someone and we need you to get an id card" Logan whispers. "Some man who works at the police station's  id card" He whisper and smokes again. I look at him in schock. "From the police?! Why?" I ask a little confused. "We'll tell you later, now meet us at the parking lot here tonight at 8.00" Jason say and turns off the cigarette. They start to walk away but i grab Jason's arm so he turns around.


"I really dont get it? I have to steal some mans id card, right?" I ask him still holding his arm. He nods. "Well how?" I ask confused. He shrugs his shoulders. "You're a smart girl, you'll come up with something" He say and turn around and walk away. I just stand there confused, but now i got it, at least what i needed to do...But if he caught me then i would get in jail...And i dont want to do that...

I sigh and walk to class. "Hey girl" Sonny say as i sit down next to her. "Hey" I sigh and sit down. "Whats wrong?" She asks worried. "Nothing" I mumble and concentrate on the subjeckt. She sigh and turn around.


Class went fast and soon it was lunch time. I walked out with Sonny and met Maddie at her class, so we could walk together. When we walked in we saw that there was almost noone in there, except the rest off our and Maddies class, plus Jason and the boys. I glanched over at Jason and catched him smirking at me. I blush a little and look away fast to hide it..fuck it..


"Hey Alex,i saw you looking at Jason, please dont, he will get you in his problems and in with his gang, which is NOT good, please listen to us" Sonny say serious looking at me right in the eyes. I nod and smile. Like i'm gonna do that? I love danger, and doing something else then school and homework. "Dont worry about that" I say smiling at her. She smiles back. And she didn't have to worry, i'll be fine with out their warnings.




"Hey Al, you ready to go shopping!!?" Maddie yells pulling me towards the car. I laugh and nod. Sonny pulled up in a red ferrari and we got in. We drove to the mall fast, we were there with in 5 minutes! We got inside and started looking around. "Lets go in forever 21!" Sonny say and walk towards the shop. I follow her into the shop. We look around and i pick out a few things and a few shoes. Not much, but i havn't gotten anything yet, and this is the last shop, so why not? I looked at the time. It said 6.09, i was soon going to the school. "Hey girls, why dont we get some food, and then head home?"  ask while we pay. "Do you have something to do?" Sonny smirks at me. "Actually yes, i do" I say and smile. "Uhh a date?" Maddie say poking my side while we walk out. "Not really" I shrug my shoulders. We go to a cafe and eats some food and then heads home.


"Bye Al!" Sonny shouts and wave to me, while i walk up to the house. I turn around and wave back smiling. I walk inside and throws my jacket and shoes on the floor. "Hey Alex, how was school?" Jacob ask while turning the tv on. "It was okay" I sigh and walk upstairs. I throw my clothes off and check the time. It said 7.39. Shit! I ran to my closet and got a red short tight dress and a long black jackets, so i look like a business woman. I ran out the bathroom and straighten my hair again, and got  a little more makeup on. I walked out and got some comfy high black heels on. Now i needed to lie to Lily and Jacob. I got 10 minutes and it took about 6-7 minutes to walk there.


I walked downstairs and they looked at me surprised. "Where do you think you're going?" Lily ask looking down at her paper again. "Out with my friends" I lie. "What friends?" She ask looking up at me. "Sonny and Maddie" I lie again. "Oh, well be home early, you're going to school tomorrow" She demand looking down. "We'll see about that" I roll my eyes and smack the door closed. I had five minute to get there. I run a little and it is already dark, wow. I see that i am 3 minutes late, fuck. They will probarly be mad. I run over the street and see them standing there.


"Dont worry dude, she'll come, just wait" Jason say as i get closer. They turn around when they hear my footsteps. "Sorry i'm late" I say out of breath. "No shit sherlock" Austin say and glare at me. I just shut my mouth and stand there. "Now lets get going" Austin say and walk with Ryan, Christopher and Zac to a car.

"Come on" Jason say, takes my hand and walk with me and Logan to his car. I get in the back as the guys get in the front. "Now where are we going?" I ask a little confused. Jason sighs and drive out on the road. "We are going to the police station, where they have papers and stuff, you need to get us the id from one of the guys we'll show you" Logan say not turning around. "Okay..." I sigh and lean back in the seat. I see from the corner of my eyes Jason looking at me through the mirror. I blush a little but moves my hair to cover it.



Jason pulls in on the other side of street of the station. We all get out and meet the others. "Now Alex, do you're thing" Ryan say and look over at the station. "What? I dont know which man?" I whisper a little. "We dont care, which man, just one with an id card" Austin say a little annoyed. "God someone got the wrong food out the bed" I say annoyed and start walking towards the station. I can feel the guys' eyes on me as i walk. I walk inside and suddenly bumps into a man, actually not on purpase.


"Can i help you?" He ask. "Yes! I lost my phone, it means everything to me!" I fake cry and hugs him, and as i do that i snug my fingers in his pockets and take is card. "umm it's just a phone" He say and pulls away. "You're right, sorry" I say and smile and walk out again. I walk over the street and hand the card to Austin. "Great job" He say and look at the card. "Now you can go home" Jason say and they begin to walk. Hell no! "Oh no no no" I say and grab Jasons arm. "I'm going" I demand. "No" He say. "Yes" I say and cross my arm. He shakes his head. "It's not safe" He say and look at me. "I dont care! I'm going!" I yell demanding. He sigh and look at the others behind him. They nod cold and he looks at me. I smile big. "Fine, but stay behind me" He demand. I nod and smile. Yes!






"Sit down here and wait" Jason whisper and pulls me down behind a wall. I grab his arm and glare at him. "No, i wanna go" I demand. "No, i wont let you do that, just wait here" He whisper and walks away slow. I can here whisperen and footsteps, from them and suddenly they open and close a door. What if they left me here? What the fuck am i supposed to do?! I slide down the wall and wrap my arms around my knees.

Suddenly a door opens and i hear two kinda footsteps. They were different, so it must mean it s two persons. They talked loudly about some cases about some kills and something. Now i was scared. They were going in the room were the guys went in. They opened the door and i gasped without any sound. They closed it and walked in. I peeked my head out and look around the room.


Suddenly someone puts his hand over my mouth and pull me back close. I try to scream, but then i see it's Jason. He smiles and removes his hand. I breathe out relieved. "Lets go, we got it" He say and walk slow out with me behind him. We walk outside. "Wait, got what?! Would you please tell me??" I yell at them. "Dude, no, she's not to trust" Austin and Chritsopher say. "Sorry..." He say and look at me. "Are you kidding me Jason?! I just did something for you and you dont want to tell me what's going on?!!?" I yell pissed. "Calm the fuck down fucking bitch!!" Austin yells and gets in my face. I push him hard to the ground and turn around to walk away.


But Austin grabs my wrist hard, and turns it around..hard."OWWW!!!" I yell of the pain. "Let go of her dude" Jason say pushing him a little. "Dude, she saw this and now she's gonna tell" He say and turn to Justin. "No, i'll talk to her" He say and grabs my hand and walk away. "Jason, please..." I say pulling him a little back. "Just come on, i'll tell you but lets go to the school" He say not turning around but walks over the road and we get in his car. We drive to the school and get out. "Here, sit down" Jason say and we sit down on a bench next to each other. "So tell me" I demand and look at him. "Okay so because we do this is because of Austin, 2 years ago his parents were murdered, and Austin was mad as fuck! He wanted to find the murder and kill him, so he asked us to help, we agreed and that is what we have been doing until now" Jason say and coughs. I look at him schocked.


"Mu-ureder-red?" I mumble. He nods. "Now i told you it, and if you tell anyone, i will beat the fuck out of you!" He say. "Don't worry, i just wanna help, but i dont think he should kill the guy, just arrest him" I say and look at Jason who was checking his phone. "Well we dont really know, but thats his problem, we just help him find the man" Jason shrugs not taking his eyes off the phone. "But i heard he beat up a guy for taking his spot" I say a little confused. "Yes, he turned into a monster, like a murder, he wants revenche and since his parents died, he have been this psycho" He tell me. "Well actually people told me to stay away from you, and of course the others" I say and look at him looking at his phone. "i'm not bad if i just trust you, you're my friend, but if i dont, you're not" He say and look at me.


" i'm your friend or what?" I ask confused. He turns to me with his gorgeous smile. "Well if you want to" He say and smirks. "Well do you want me to be your friend?" I ak leaning in closer to him. "Well.....Yes, i wanna get to know you better, and then you're the first girl since i was 13, that i actually talked real with" He say and turns to his phone again. "Aww, thank you Jason, it's true..." I say and hugs him from the side. "What's true?" He ask confused. "You're really not that bad" I say with a surprised face. He laughs and stand up. "Lets get you home..." He say and takes my hand. I nod and we walk to his car. We get in and drive to my house. "Nice house" He say and looks out the window. "It okay" I shrug my shoulders. "Well bye, i'll see you tomorrow" He say. I look at him, then leans over and hugs him tight. "Bye Jason, it was nice talking to you" I say and pulls away again. "You too" He say and smiles. I open the door and wave at him, then walks inside.


"Who was that?" Jacob asked crossing his arms. "Maddie" I lie. "Dont lie to me, i saw who it was" "Then why did you ask?!" I snap. "I saw it was Jason Mccan, stay away from him, i'm begging you" He say and look at me with a death look. "You dont control me!" I snap. "No but i care about you, and i dont want you to get hurt Alex! The stuff they do is dangerous!" He yells a little. "What is going on?" Vanessa say walking down the stairs. "She hangs out with Jason Mccan and his gang" "uhh can you hook me up with that Zac guy, he is H O T" Vanessa say and giggle. I laugh and takes of my jacket.


"Wait....How do you both know them?" I ak confused. "Everybody knows them!" Vanessa yells taking some chips. "What?" I ask. "They are this city's dangerous guys, but some off my friend say that Jason, Zac and Logan is the sweetest. The only really psycho is that Austin guy, i dont know what's his problem though? Well whatever, he got them to join his gang and now it's liturally him controling the gang" Vanessa say putting some more chips in her mouth. "Really?" I ask her surprised. She nods and walks upstairs. I follow her and walk into her bedroom with her. I close the door and sit on the bed."But if i were you, i would go after Jason or Logan, but whatever flirting you do dont get on their "Missions" they can be dangerous, and hurt you, especially when you're a girl. You can get arrested for what they do, not really for what Jason and Logan do but the rest of them, you know" She say and turns on the tv.


"How do you know this?" "One of my friends from my old class once dated that Austin guy, he told her everything, but when he told her that he had almost beat up a guy to death, she dumped him" She say and puts some chips in her mouth. I look at her schocked. "But! My friend also told me...They have the most sick ass parties!!" She yells happy. "Get it on with Jason, then let him invite you to a party and bring me" She say and smirks. I laugh and takes some chips. "I think he's a good kisser!" Vanessa say and looks at me, then winks at me. I slap her and blush. "Trust me, there's nothing going on between us..." I say and smile.


"yet..." She say and smirk. I gasp and smile. "i think if you just get to know him well, he's sensitive and sweet and nice and handsome and cool and funny and---" "Shut up i get it!! You cant stop talking about how H O T he is" She teases. "Stop it!" I say and stand up from her bed and walks into my own room. I change and jump in bed. I look at the time. It said 11.40, gosh no wonder why i'm tired. I turn the lights off and goes too sleep.


I just cant stop thinking about him...Jason.



Hope you like it, please leave a comment bellow, the next will be update friday maybe! :) 



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