Bad boy - Jason Mccan

Alex starts at Madison high school, where she gets 2 friends Sonny and Maddie. But she also meets Jason Mccan and his gang. The baddest and most dangerous guys in town. The town isn't big, but every single one is afraid of them, except... Alex. She is a brave girl and stands up for herself and who she cares about. They all tell her to stay away from Jason, but she just cant...


7. "I'm scared" "Of what?" "Of losing you"

"I'm so scared" I mumble looking out the window. "Yes, me too" Demi say sad. "Piiick it up, pick it up, pick up the phone!" Starting playing from my phone. I hurried and ran to my phone almost yelling "hello" in the phone. "Alex?" I heard from the other line. "Yes, Jason?!" I yell worried. He shallows hard. "Yes its me" He say like he's hurt. "You gotta help" He mumbles. "Yes, of course, what happened?" I yell worried, while pulling on my boots. "I got stabbed in my shoulder" I mumble. "What?! Why?" I ask putting on my jacket. "I'll tell you later, just please come here" He says hurt. I shallow hard and sigh. "Yes i will be there, but where?" I ask opening the door. "I'll text you the adress" He mumbles and then hangs up right away, before i answer. "Where is he?" Maddie yells at me. "I have to help him, just stay here" I demand and close the door.


I run down the stairs and out the door. I call a taxi and soon a taxi drives up next to me and i get in it. After about 20 minutes, which felt like hours, he finally pulls up next to a big building. I look out the window and look around to see Logan at the end of the building waving at me. I open the door, throws his money at him and run to Logan fast. "Where is he?!" I yell worried. He takes my hand and pulls me down a creepy sidewalk. We walk down it and makes it to a metal door at the end. He opens it and steps inside, i step in after and close the door.


"Finally she's here!" I can hear Austin yell. I shallow hard and we follow the voice. We walk until we makes it to a big dustbin. I walk behind it and see jason sitting there in pain. I gasp and run to him. "God.." I mumble and look at the blood around it. "What happened??" I ask still kneeling down next to Jason. "We got in a fight with a gang" Austin say and shrugs his shoulders. "Why?" I ask him. "Because i needed to find my parents murder and they knew something about, or thats what they said" He say and shrugs his shoulders. "Can you just get him to the hospital, and make sure he's okay" He say like he's in a hurry. I  nod and help Jason on his legs. "Lets go.." I mumble worried and we start walking out.


"Be okay dude" Ryan yells after us. Jason lifts his arms and waves at them. I help him out and we find a taxi. We tell him to go to the hospital right away. I sit close to Jason and wrap my arm around his arm worried. I turn my head and looks at him, he is in pain, so badly. I sigh and kisses his neck slightly. He turns his head and smiles a little. Soon we arive and get out, we pay and walk inside. "Okay so now i'm gonna put this cream on the place where you got stabbed, and you have to do this every night and morning the next couple weeks, for it to heal" The doctor say opening a little box. I am sitting next to Jason worried about him. What were they doing since they started fighting? I know i'm not scared of danger, but this scares me...Jason going out and comming back hurt.


My thoughts were interrupted by Jason taking my hand and pressing it. I look at him and see the way he's hurting in his eyes. I press his hand a little worried and moves closer to him. "Done, now take these 2 boxes, and remember what to do" He say and open the door. "Thanks doc" Jason say and walks out. I nod and smile while walking out after him. "Jason?" I ask walking out the hospital. He turns his head and looks at me. "please dont do this again..." I mumble and look down playing with my fingers. He sighs and a few seconds later two arms wraparound me. His scent went in my nose. Gosh it was good... "I cant promise..." I mumble and kiss my head. I nod slightly and pulls away and starts walking to the taxi. He sighs and follows. I get in the car and leans up against the door, looking out the window. Jason moves closer to me and rubs my lap looking out the front. I sigh and close my eyes.


I dont know why, but i really care about Jason. It's like he means more to me than everyone else. It's like the only thing i need in this world is him, and him being safe. Me being safe...



I open the door and walks inside to the girls sleeping. It was already 8.13 but still? They are sleeping? Thats pretty early... I walk in the bathroom and throws on some more comfy clothes. I walk out and see Jason sitting on the bed having trouble getting the cream on his back. I slightly laugh and walks over to him. I grab the can and sits on my knees on the bed. I takes some cream on my hand and place it on Jason back low, making him moan a little. I massage him while putting it on him. "You like it?" I ask him smiling. He nods with his eyes closed. When i'm done i stand up and wash my hands in the bathroom.


While drying my hands i look to see Jason putting on his jacket. I sigh and walks out to him. "You're not going anywhere tonight" I say crossing my arms. He sighs and nods. "Look i would love to spend time with you here, but i need to help them" He say rubbing my arms looking me in the eyes. "Jason...Please dont" I mumble looking down. "Why do you care so much?" He ask. "I I I dont know... I guess i just do" I mumble and walks away. But Jason grabs my wrist and turns me around. "I care about you too, it's just..." He starts but i cut him off. "No i get it" I say and fake a smile. "Babe..." He sighs. Babe?


"Please dont do this, you making this so hard for me.." He mumbles. I look down and sigh. "Sorry" I say and play with my fingers. He moves closer and lift up my cheek looking me in the eyes. They made me melt!!

"I will be back safe this time, i promise" He say with a little smile. I nod and sigh. "I'll be back when you're sleeping, bye beautiful" He say and hugs me tight. I hug back and close my eyes. We pull away and he smiles and walks out the door. I sigh and sit on the bed looking out on the beautiful view.


"Al?" I hear a tired voice say while i brush my teeth in the bathroom. I look out the door to see Maddie standing there tired.I smile and hugs her tight. "What's going on?" She asks confused. "Nothing..." I mumble and spit out the toothpaste. She sighs and sits on the toilet peeing. I slightly laugh and walks back out and turns on the lamp next to my bed. Logan wasn't home either so i guess Maddie and Sonny was sleeping in that bed. Logan could sleep on the couch, right?  


I lie down on the bed and pulls out my laptop. I open it a click on facebook. I wasn't obsessed but i checked it every night before i went to sleep, either on my iphone or my macbook. I love my macbook, it's amazing. I check facebook and play some games, just to make the time pass by. Maddie was sleeping, so was Sonny. It was 1.38 am! I'm so tired!


I could feel my eyes close just as i hear voices on the hallway. They fly open again and i see the door open and Jason and Logan walks inside. Jason looks over at me and i jump up the bed and jumps in his arms smiling. He smiles and hugs back. "You're here" I mumble closing my eyes. "I rpomised didn't i?" He say and pulls away with a smirk. I laugh and lies down on the bed again. "Where am i sleeping? On the cauch?" Logan ask looking at the cauch. I nod and smile. He sigh and lies down with his blanket and pillow. Soon Jason gets in my bed and i turn to face him. We lie close and holds hands. I smile and sigh at him. "What's wrong?" He ask worried and strikes my cheek. "I'm scared" I whisper looking down on our hands. "Of what?" He ask worried.


"Of losing you" I say and look him in the eyes. He smiles and leans in, i lean in too and our lips meet. We pull away and smile. "You wont lose me" He say with a smile and pulls me close so i'm laying on his chest with his arms around me. I smile and close my eyes, drifting slow of to sleep. 


I'm so happy he's here...


He's okay. 


He's safe. 



..I'm safe..



..for now..



Finally!! Hope you liked it! I wont update for a couple of days now i think. I need to write it first and i have school so i dont have so much time! Write a comment on your thoughts! 


- FREJA xx



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