Bad boy - Jason Mccan

Alex starts at Madison high school, where she gets 2 friends Sonny and Maddie. But she also meets Jason Mccan and his gang. The baddest and most dangerous guys in town. The town isn't big, but every single one is afraid of them, except... Alex. She is a brave girl and stands up for herself and who she cares about. They all tell her to stay away from Jason, but she just cant...


4. Get it on with him

The next day


"Goodmorning Alex, did you sleep good?" Lily say giving me a pancake. I nod and eat it. "Lets go girls!" Lily yells after me and Vanessa and we walk out and get our bag and shoes and jackets, then walks outside. "Remember, get it on with that Mccan guy!" Vanessa say and winks as she gets in the car. I roll my eyes and laugh.


"Hey Al!" Maddie yells and runs to me with Sonny down the hallway. "Hey girls" I say and hugs them. "Omg did you hear?" Maddie say serious. "What?" I ask worried. "Some man from the police got his id card stolen, i bet it was the gang" Maddie whispers the last part. I look at her worried. "Really? Wow, who does that?" I ask her. She shrugs her shoulders and blows a kiss, then walks away. "Oh look who is here.." Sonny say scared. I turn around to see Jason and his gang walk in. A smile appeares on my face as he licked his lips. O M G HE WAS JUST SO FUCKING ARG


"They are coming towards us" Sonny say and holds my arm. "Dont look at them" She say and look somewhere else. "No no it's okay" I say and fake smile. I watch them walk to their lockers and Jason's eyes land on me. A smile appears on his face and he walks against me. "Omg we're going to die" Sonny whispers scared. "Hey Shawty!" He say and plant a kiss on my cheek. Sonny looks at me confused and scared. "Hey" I say with a smile. "Do you wanna maybe hang out after school?" He ask and puts his hands in his pockets. i think a little but then smiles. "Yes, i would like to do that" I say to him. "Great, meet me outside at my car" He say and walks back to his gang. I turn around to Sonny who was standing with the most schocking face. I giggle and take her amr and walks away. "What the fuck? Why was he so nice?" She ask shocked. "I dont know, i got to know him a little better" I say and shrug my shoulders. "wow..." She say and we walk into our class.


"Okay class, find your computers a searh after this" Our teacher mrs Louisiana say. I find my macbook and open it. I click on the homepage and search for the thing she wrote down. When i find it, i click on another page, and then to facebook. I log in and goes through. Suddenly a message comes to me from...Jason Mccan. Of course. He writes:


Jason: Heyyyy aren't you in class???

Alex: Yes, aren't you???

Jason: Well, yes but it's so boring...

Alex: Same...

Jason: I dont think your class is badder than mine, we can see her nipples through her shirt... :O 

I let out a small giggle and smile. 

Alex: I thought guys liked that???

Jason: She's 59 years old....

Alex: Oh....ew

Jason: Yes, told you

Alex: Well at least you dont sit behind someone who stinks as much as a old cheese...

Jason: Ewww, Derek right? 

Alex: Yep 

Jason: Oh my now she's bending over and we could see directly up her ass because she's wearing a thong...

I let it go, and laughed big time. Mrs Louisiana looks at me weird. "What is so Funny Alex?" She ask. "Nothing, i just saw a funny picture in th book" I lie. "Oh...but stop desturbing"  She say and point her finger at me. Sonny looks over and her eyes go wide as she she's who i'm writing with. 

Alex: OMG EW 

Jason: I know right, it's fucking disgusting

Alex: I just got busted...Fuck your humor

Jason: Sorry about that, it's not my humor...Its the truth

Alex: shut up! 

Jason: Sorry babe, see you at lunch 

Alex: Byyyeee

And with that i close the message box down and logs out. "I cant believe how nice he is to you, be careful, he will hurt you" Sonny whispers. "I'll be careful, dont worry" I say and turn it off. Why did he call me babe? I dont know, it's just weird, i feel like he's my best friend after that talk yesterday...


"Lunch everybody!" She say and get out. I take my phone and bag with my macbook with me. We walk to my locker and get our stuff in and walk to the cafeteria. We walk in and sit down  at a table without any food. "Hey Maddie" "Hey guys, whats up?" She say and eats her apple.  I shrug my shoulders and look at her again. "Omg Sonny told me that Mccan dude likes you" Maddie say and looks at me with a serious look. "What? No, we just became friends" I say and look at her. "well he havn't got any new friends for years" She say and looks over at them. "But please be careful, and dont go out with them at night espacially not Austin or Christopher" She say. "Well there is a reason why they is like this, but i think they need to know that some people n the world cares about them, like their parents or a crush maybe" I say and shrug my shoulders.


"You know what my sister told me?" I say and smirks. They look at me confused and shakes their head. "She told me to get Jason to invite me to a party, then i should invite her,, because they have the most sick ass parties!" I say and giggle. They laugh then stop laughing and looks with a serious look behind me. I look at them confused and turn around.


"I'm sorry i took your spot Austin!!" One smaller guy yells while trying to get out off the grip of Austin. "I dont care!! Noone touches MY FUCKING SPOT!!" He yells and spits in the guy's face. "Oh god, fucking psycho" Maddie whispers and looks away. "I'm new, i didn't know it was your spot!!" The guy yells again with tears streaming down his face. "FUCKING ASSHOLE!!" He yells back and throws him hard in the dustbin. I gasp and stand up. "What are you doing?" Maddie yells but whispers to me. "I'm helping that poor kid" I say and walk over to Austin. The hole room was quiet, not one word were anywhere.


"Would you stop?! He said he's sorry!" I say raising my voice. He just laugh and looks around. "Here you are again, thinking  you can save the whole world" He say raising his voice but laughing at the same time. "Grow some balls and grow some respect" That made the room go ohhh. He turn to me and glares with a deathlook at me. I cross my arms mad. "Who the fuck do you think you are? You can't just come to my school and rule it?!" He yells right in my face. "dude stop, go get some food" Jason say pushing him away a little. He calms down and points at me and makes a "Dont do that again, i'll beat you" look. I roll my eyes and look at Jason. "Come on" He say and takes my hand and walks out.


"I already told you! Stop doing it again and again!" He say raising his voice. "Do what?" "Stop doing this to Austin, one day he will hurt you....bad. Just please listen to me and jut leave him alone please, for me?" He say and pushes me a little up against the locker so we are standing extremely close! Oh god, i can feel his breath on my lips! "I'm sorry, i'll stop, but i just feel bad for the people who he do it too, they did nothing to him" I say and look down but cant see the floor because of Jason's chest pressed against my boobs. "I know, but thats his problem and the teachers, not yours" He say and lies his hand on each side of my head. "Omg i cant believe he's talking to her? Omg what the hell? What the fuck is going on with that new girl and the psycho?"  I heard some more whispers going around and people looking at us. I look around and bite my lip.


"What do you say about skipping school?" He say with a smirk. I look at him schocked and shakes my head fast. "No no, my aunt and uncel will kill me if they find out!" I say while shaking my head. "Well...what if they wont find out? Come on!" He say and pulls me with him. "Jason...." I whine at him. He turns around with a serious look and then smiles and picks me up and starts running outside to his car. I laugh as he puts me in the passenger seat. He closes the door and walks to his side. "Jason?" "What?" He say while putting on his belt. "I need my bag and my macbook" I say and giggle. "Oh....i'll get it for you, wait here" He say and unbuckle and runs inside.

As he runs inside i start to look for some gum when i find a gun. "What the...." I say and look at it, to see that it is loaded. Just as i find some gum too, Jason comes back and gets in, gives me my thing and buckle up again. "What is this?" I ask him showing the gun in my hand. "A gun?" He ask confused and with a smirk. "Well...why do you have it?" I ask looking at him while he drives. "Can we just not talk about that?" He say and sigh. "Fine...." I sigh and put it back and looks out the window. We pull up in the garage at Jason house his mom, or i think it's his mom comes out. "Jason Mccan! Why aren't you at school?!" She yells mad. "it sucked" He say and walks to my side and opens the door, i get out and take my macbook and phone with me.


"Oh..." She say schocked and look at me. I smile a little and walk with Jason inside. "Well wow, i didn't know you have  new friends Jason" His mom say and looks at me. "Well i do, Alex this is my mom, mom this is Alex" Jason say and sighs, then walks in the kitchen. "Hey my name is Pattie, and my husband is in the livingroom" She say and shakes hands with me. "Nice to meet you" "You too" She say and closes the main door and walks in. I take my macbook and walks in behind her. I look around a little unsure off what to do. "Oh sweetie he's inhere, come on" Pattie say and shows me to the livingroom where Jason is standing up talking to his dad, i guess. I smile and walk to him. "Oh hey i'm Jeremy, nice to meet you" He say and stand up and shake hands with me. "You too" I say and smile.


"We'll go upstairs" Jason say and leads me up. I must admit, he has a fucking awsome house and a big one too! "And here is my room" He say when we reach a door on a hallway. "Actually this is like MY way, becuase this i the bathroom of mine" He say and shows me the bathroom. "And this is my walk in closet" He say and opens the door. "wow.." I say and looks inside. "And this is my own studio" He say and walks in where there is a computer and microphone + some stuff you use in a studio. "You play guitar?" I ask regonizing the guitar standing up against a wall. "A little, not really so good at it" He say and shrug his shoudlers. He walks in his room and i follow and close the door. I set my laptop on the bed and look around the room. "You have a BIG house, really" I say and sit on the bed next to him. "Yes, yes i do" He giggle and open my macbook.


"Whats your code?" He ask and looks at me. "Do you seriously think i'm gonna tell you?" I say with a smirk. "It was worth a shot" He say and shrug his shoulders. I do the code, which was NessaAlex, i made it when i was like 12 so dont blame me.  He clicks on the camera and takes a few pictures of himself. "This is fun.." He say turning the camera to me and takes some pictures. "Come on let's take a picture together" He say and pulls me closer. He press the button and it goes. "3......2............1" And then we do a silly face as it takes the photo. "This is awsome! I wanna have this picture" He say and do the puppy eyes to me. "I can just send it to you" I say and click the send.


Suddenly his phone rings and i can see it's Logan calling. He picks it up. "Hello? What? Oh, when? Tonight? At 9.00? Okay bye see you man" He say and hangs up. I look at him confused. "What was that?" "Just something we need to do tonight" "I wanna go!" I yell a little. "shhh, if you stop yelling then fine, you can go with me" "Yay! Thank you!" I say and hugs him tight. "What are we going to do?" I ask looking at him. "I wont tell you" He say and check my facebook, since it was logged in. "Jason.." I say annoyed. He looks at me with a smirk. "What you are gonna do isn't dangerous" He say and sigh. I nod and look out the window.


"Hey...Sorry if i'm annoying you, but i dont even know what we are doing, i only know we are meeting at the school at 9.00" He say and touches my shoulder. I turn around and smile. "You need to find me" I say and smirk. He look at me confused. "I'm gonna hide, then you find me, just like old days" I say and stand up. He nods and closes his eyes. I run out and down to Pattie and Jeremy. "Do you have a place i can hide?" I ask fast. Jeremy nods and takes me out in the closet at the door. He opens it and i get in. He closes it and i wait.

I can hear Jason get closer but then it kinda dissepears again. I sigh relieved until Jason rips the door open making me scream. "You scared me!" I yell and hit him in the chest hard. He hold his chest hurt. "Aww, did i hurt you?" I ask pulling him into a hug. He nods and slides his hands to my butt. I smack them away and glare at him. He laughs and pulls away.




We drive to the school and see the guys waiting. We walk out and i walk a little behind Jason. "Hey why did you bring her?" Austin ask annoyed. "She wanted to come, just give her a simple work" Jason sighs. He nods and Austin takes my arm and brngs me infront of the school. "You keep an eye, call Jason if anyone shows up" I nod and think. "wait....i dont have his number?" I say confused. He laughs and looks over at Jason. "Didn't you give her your number?" He laughs while saying it. He shakes his head and then Austin gives me his and Jason's number. "Got it?" He say. I nod and watch them walk behind the school. I sigh and sit down. This was boring, really.


"Hey Alex What are you doing at the school at 9.30 at the night?" I turn around to see the headmaster to stand there. "I'm-m ju-ust sad-d" I lie. "Oh, really what happened?" He ask and sits down next to me. "My aunt and uncle are getting a divorce" I lie and fake start crying. "Oh gosh, i hope you're okay, i know them i thought they were like the king and queen, perfect for each other" I shake my head and fake cry again. "I know something that can cheer you up" He say and looks at me. I look at him confused. "We are gona have a class trip to Paris for Friday to Friday" He say and smiles. "Really? Cool" I say and smile back a little. "And it's rooms 5 and 5, so now that you are having a hard time, who would you like to share a room with?" He ask. OMG YES!!


"Sonny, Maddie, Jason and Logan" I say and smiles. "Great i'll write it down and you 5 will be traveling together" He say and stands up. "Thank you sir, have a nice evening" "Wait do you want me to give you a ride?" I think a little then gives in. I get in the back and gets my phone out. I write a text to Jason:

Alex: Hey, i'm going home, see you tomorrow

Jason: What? Why? How? 

Alex: I'll explain tomorrow

Jason: Fine, bye, sweet dreams

Alex: You too ;) 

I put my phone in my pocket and get out of the car at my house. I wave at him and gets inside. "Where have you been?" Lily yells fast. "I was at Maddies house and it got late" She rolls her eyes and i walk upstairs and get in the bed. I am sooooo tired, really 

And with that i was asleep.




Hope you like it, a little boring but need them to like become a little nicer and fall in love. Please leave a comment below. 


I wont update from tuesday till tuesday next week, because i'm going to Mallorca, so i hope you're okay with this :)

- Freja xx



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