Bad boy - Jason Mccan

Alex starts at Madison high school, where she gets 2 friends Sonny and Maddie. But she also meets Jason Mccan and his gang. The baddest and most dangerous guys in town. The town isn't big, but every single one is afraid of them, except... Alex. She is a brave girl and stands up for herself and who she cares about. They all tell her to stay away from Jason, but she just cant...


9. Fight for love

Sorry i have been offline for awhile but here it is! Theres gonna be alot of drama soon! Hope you like it, and appreciate it. I'm very busy with school and homework so again, i'm so sorry. 
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2 weeks later...

"Alex, hunny get up, you're gonna be late for school" I heard someone say then my door closed. I groan and sit up rubbing my eyes. I walk into my bathroom and strip down and take a shower. 
After about 30 minutes i walked down the stairs wearing this. (In comments) "I made you a sandwich for lunch" "Thank you! Bye!" I said a walked out the door. Today Sonny was picking me up. Her red Ferrari pulled up beside me, and i got in. "Hey A!" Sonny yelled when i opened the door. "Hey Sonny" I giggled and closed the door. 

At school...

I closed the car door and walked with Sonny inside. I saw Jason and the guys smoking around the corner. Jason's eyes catched mine, but i quickly looked away and walked inside. "Goodmorning girls" The principal who was passing by told us with a smile. "Morning" We answered and walked to Maddie at her locker. "Hey Mad" I said and hugged her. "Hey girls, you heard about the party down town tonight?" She said and closed her locker. "No?" We both said. "We are going" She said and smiled, then started walking. "What?" Me and Sonny both said at the same time.

"I'll pick you guys up at 10.00, be ready" She said and blew us a kiss. "Alrightyyy? What was that all about?" Sonny asked looking at me. I shruged my shoulders and turned my head to watch Jason ad the guys walk in. "Hey dont look at him, it makes you sad" Sonny said and rubbed my shoulder. I nodded and looked away from him. "Come on" Sonny said and walked towards class. 

In the last class...

"Okay so this project needs to be due on friday in a week" Mrs Hardly said. Suddenly it knocked on the door. "Yes?" She said and in stepped a brown haired guy with jeans and a grey sweatshirt. Shit! He was hot, and looked so cute. "Are you Mrs Hardly?" He asked with the cutest voice ever. "Yes, you must be our new student, class this is Dylan, right?" Mrs Hardly said. "Well Dylan you can go on team with Alex and Sonny, raise your hand girls" She said and looked down at us. I raised my hand and catched his brown eyes looking in mine. He smiled at me and i smiled back. "Class is over!" She yelled and everyone rushed out.

I walked out and started walking when someone yelled my name. "Alex!" I turned my head to see Dylan running towards me. I moved a hair behind my ear and blushed a little. Why? I dont know..
"Hey Dylan" I giggled as he reached me. He smiled at me and looked down. "So, the project? When are we doing that?" He asked me. "Umm i dont know, maybe sunday? Or monday?" I answered. He nodded and smiled. "I can call you?" He asked. I nodded and smiled. "I need a number Alex" He said as i was stupid. "Of course! How stupid am i?" I laughed and wrote it down and gave it to him. "thank you, umm do you need a ride home?" He asked me sweet. I blushed a little and looked down to hide it. "Yes, i would like that" I answered. We walked to his car but not o lucky Jason was standing at his car right next to Dylans. I catched his eyes showing sadness. I sighed and got in his car. 

"So do you have a boyfriend?" He asked me while we waited at a stop. Like yes! Jason! The sweetest ever, but then i thought of he was "mad" at me. "No" I answered and smiled. He nodded. "You?" "I had one on my last school but it didn't work out because i was moving" He said and smiled. "Aw i'm sorry" I said and looked down. "No its fine". "So theres a party down town tonight, are you coming?" He asked me. I looked up at him and nodded. "Great! then i know someone there" He laughed. I giggled. "Oh theres my house" I said and pointed at my house. He turned in and i got out. "Bye Dylan, see you tonight!" I yelled and waved at him while he drove away. 

"Be home at 1.00 am!" "But.." "No BUTS!" "Fine" I groan and grab my phone and walk outside. Maddies car drives up and i get in. "Heyyyy you look HOT!" She says and winks at me. I giigle and look down at my outfit. (In comments) "You too!" I asnwer back smirking at her. She laughs and drives off.

At the party...
We were dancing and singing along, drinking and having fun. "Mad! I'm gonna get a drink!" I yelled loud for her to her. She nodded and i walked over to the bar. "Hey ALex!" Someone yeled just as i got my beer. I turned my head and noticed Dylan coming over to me. "Hey Dylan!" I yelled as he reached me and hugged me. "Are you having fun?" I yell over the music. He nods and orders a drink. "I met some blond girl, named Carrie! She was really sweet" He yells. I nod and smile. "Thats great" I yell back. He smiles and drinks some. Suddenly the music stops and people started yelling. I look around to see people starting to make a circle around someone yelling at them. I look over  confused and looks back at dylan. "Excuse me just one second" I say putting my drink away and walking down to the crowd.

"Whats going on?" I ask someone who is trying to look over everybody. "Someone got in a fight, they are beating each other badly" Who could it be? Jason? The gang? Probarly Austin... "Excuse me guys" I say getting through the big crowd making it to the second row. I can see some guy beating up another and two guys beating up some other guy. I get to the front to realise its Jason, and Austin getting beat up. Austin by the two men. I gasp and run over to Jason. "Alex!! No!" Maddie yells at me but people hold her back.


"Stop!" I yell pushing the man to the floor. He looks at me and smirks. He stands up and laughs. "Guys stop beating him" H says to the others who were beating up Austin. They stand up and walks behind him. "Who do we have here? Do you know him" He ask pointing to JAson. The two guys takes him and pulls him towards us. I look at his face. It was bleeding and his eye was blue. He starts coughing, puking some blood up. I pull my hand over my mouth not wanting to look at him in pain. "Is he your boyfriend maybe?" I look at him, seeing him closing his eyes in pain. "No" I shake my head. "Oh well then why the fuck do you think you can just interrupts us beating his ass up?!" He yells and spits me in my face. "What did they do to you?" I ask mad and looks at him with a serious look, not scared of him. "Their gang stabbed one of my men, because he walked in on them disgussing one of thier plans" He yells kicking him in the stomach. A tear falls from my eyes.

"Look i can't say they didn't do it, but will you please just not hurt him anymore, if you keep it goign he will die" I cry a little. He looks at Jason then me, then his mates, then the crowd. He leans down to Jason. "Be lucky you have a girl who will save your ass at anytime" He says poking him in the chest. "Dont mess with my gang anymore, or i will kill you.....and her" He whispers then looks at me with a deathlook. I shallow hard and looks at him walking out of the building. Jason was lying down on his backcoughing up some blood. I rush over and bend down to him. I smack his cheeks trying to wake him up. "Jason" I smack his cheeks some more times trying to wake him up. " Jason please..." I say leaning over hsi chest crying. "Alex?" He says sad and hurt. I look up at him with tears running down in joy. "Jason! Gosh you're awake!" I yell happy crying happy tears. He smiles alittle and looks around. "Come on, let me help you" I say helping him up and we go out to Maddies car. "'Alex lets get him home" "No he can come to my house" I say and help him in the car. She nods and gets in the drivers seat. 


Later at Alex's house

"Bye maddie, see you later" I say and close the door. Lily comes running out and looks at me holding JAson up. "What happened?!" She yelles opening the door for us. "Look i know you dont like him but can you please just help him and let him stay here for the night or a few nights?" Lily hesitates and smiles. She nods and locks the door. Vanessa comes out dancing to the beat in her ears. She looks at us and stops. She takes out her headphones and gasp. "Wow Jason Mccan got beat up!" She yells helping me take him up the stairs. "Nes can you please get me some painkillers, water and some? Oh and a wet cloth or a wet towel" She nods and smiles. "Of course".

I let Jason sit in the bathroom, and Vanessa comes with a wet towel and some painkillers. She hands them to me. "Thank you". I take the towel and wash Jasons face carefully, but he still makes a hurt face. "Sorry" I whisper to him. He opens his eyes and looks at me. "Thank you so much" He whispers to me. I smile a little and help him sit up straight. "Here" I say and hand him the painkillers and a glass of water. He takes it and close his eyes. "Jason do you wanna take a bath now or in the morning?" "Can i just sleep now?" He ask trying to stand up. I nod and help him. I help in bed and sits next to him. "Is this your room?" He ask admiring the room. I nod and smile. "Its beautiful" He says and makes a hurt face. I touch his cheeks carefully and rubs it gently. "I'm sorry" I say and look at him. "For what?" "Everything" i say and he grabs my hand. "It was all my fault, i never should have picked the gang over you, that was a mistake because i care about you too much to let you go" He says interwining his fingers in mine. I smile and lean down and kisses his cheek. "Now sleep J" I smile. He nods. I stand up but he grabs my wrist making me look at him. "Whats wrong?" " Come here" He says motioning me down to him. I smile and lean down to his lips. He cups my cheeks and kisses me passionatly. I kiss back and smiles.


Next morning...

I sit on the couch drinking my coffee, next to Vanessa, when we suddenly hear footsteps coming down the stairs. We both turn around to see Jason coming in swetapants and a naked chest. He looks at me and smiles. I smile and sit on my knees on the couch. He walks over and kisses me goodmorning. Vanessa looks at us. "Did i miss something?" I shake my head and giggle. He sits down next to me bringing my legs on his rubbing my foot. "You want some coffee?" I aks him sweet. He nods and takes a few sips. "How are your eye feeling?" I ask rubbing it gently. "Better, but still hurts" He says. "Sorry" He smiles and brings me closer so my head his laying on his bare chest.


I walk out of the bathroom when i hear Vanessa ask Jason a simple but meaningful question. "Are you in love with her Jason?" I stand behind the wall completely still not moving at all. I hear him hesitate. "Yes, i think so". That makes me stumble back hitting a plant making it fall breaking into a thousand pieces. I gasp and hold my ears. "Alex! Are you okay?!" I hear Vanessa running towards me with Jason behind. They both look at me shocked. "What happened?" Jason ask, helping me get out of the glass pieces on the floor. "I hit it with my arm" I tell them. He looks at me worried. "Jason you guys go, i'll clean it up" Vanessa says starting to pick it up. He nods and we walk upstairs. "Can i take a shower?" Jason ask me walking in to me lying on the bed checking instagram. "mmm" I mumble not listening to what he asked about. 

Suddenly someone starts to tickle me out of nowhere, and i start screaming ad laughing at the same time. "Jason! Stop it!" I laugh while screaming. He stops for a few seconds holding my arms above my head. "Will you actually care about what i ask about then?" "Yes!" I yell just wanting to get out of his grib. "Good" He says and lets go. "Yes you can take a shower" I say in a annoyed way. "Thank you grumpy" He says bitchy. "I'm not grumpy!" I yell shocked of hi comment. "Then what are you?" He smirks. I cross my arms mad. "Fuckhead" "Uhhh you're so mean, i'm gonna kill myself because you bully me" Jason says pretending to be sad and crying. I throw a pillow hard at him making him laugh and shake his head, he walks off into the bathroom.

I sit on the bed as Jason comes out off the bathroom. I look up, then down but realise he was only in a towel, so it makes my eyes roll up to his naked chest again. HE IS SO MOTHERFUCKING SEXY GOSH I CAN'T EVEN URGH 

"SO i was thinking...Why dont we go skating today?" Jason says putting on some clothes. I nod my head and smile. "that would be fun" Isay and close my computer and steps of the bed. I walk into the bathroom. "I'll take a shower, then we can go?" I say peaking out of the door. He nods and smiles. I smile back and close the door. I strip down until i'm naked and steps inside the hot shower. I turn on the cold water, but it fast turns into hot water making my skin go red because of the heat. I wash my hair and shave everywhere. 

I dry up and realie i forgot to bring my clothes and underwear inhere. "Fuck..." I mumble out beneath my breath. I open the door and peak out to see an empty room. I smile and step out and walk over to my closet. I drop my towel as i take on my black thong a black lace bra. I put on some black jeans with a white top then a grey sweatshirt a my leatherjacket. I turn around to find Jason standing leaned up the door checking me out. "Gosh" I yell up surprised. "How long have you been standing there?" I ask him shocked. "Long enough to see you drop your towel" He winks and checks me out one more time. I giggle and look down embarresed. "Dont worry, your body is beautiful!" He smiles and walks over to the bed and sits down. I blush and smile at him. "Why thank you mr. sexy body yourself" I say and trace his abs gently biting my lip. He wraps his arms around my lower waist and pulls me down with him, rolling over so he's on top. I giggle andwrap my legs around his body. He smiles and kisses me passionately. I kiss back wrapping my arms around his neck pulling him even closer. 

A loud cough comes from the door, making us both pull away. We turn both of our head seeing Lily and Jacob standing there. JAcob with his arms crossed and Lily just with a sweet smile. "Hey guys, sorry to interrupt" She say and walks in. I pull away and sit up on the bed embarresed. "It's okay, but we just wanted to hear how you felt Jason?" They say and loks at him. He nods and smiles. "I'm fine, thank you" He says and smiles. "Good" She says and hugs him. Jacob shakes his hand. "Threat her well son" Jacob whispers hard. Jsson giggles and nods. "Of course, she is something special" He says and smiles at me making both me and Lily go "aww". 


"We will be back later" I say and open the door. They nod and wave at us through the window. I get in the passenger seat and Jason in the drivers seat. He drives out of the garage and out in the town. 

Soon we parks just beside this ice rink outdoor. There were lights hanging above the building and in the one tree standing at the end. People were shopping and a few were skating but it wasn't much. Jason pays for the skates and we get them on fast, then skates out. "Take my hand!" Jason says holding it out for me. I wasn't really good at skating. I grab his hand and he starts skating backwards bringing me with I starts screaming a little when he turns the corner. 

After an hour skating i sit down to rest. Jason skates around keeping his eyes on mine until he skates over at some guys standing at the side. I try to look to see who it is but people kept skating infront. I decide to stand up nd skate to them, but just as i reaches them my skates slip and i fall hard on the ice. "Ouch!" I yell. Jason helps me up and mkes me stand sthraight again. "Oh who is this??" The one guys ask checking me out a little. I move a little closer to JAson not liking his eyes on my body. "This is my sisters babysitter"" He says to the guys. I look at him a little but keeps up the act. Soon the guys are gone and we starts skating around. "Jason?" "Mmm" He ask holding my hand. I stop trying to skate and we stop fast. "Why did you tell them that i was your sisters babysitter?" I ak him confused. "They can't now that you're my friend, it can hurt you if they find out" My face fades away and becomes sad when he says friend. "What?" HE ask seeing my face change. "Nothing" i say putting on a fake smile. He looks at me in a "I know you're lying, i'm not retarded" way. I look down and close my eyes for a few seconds. "Oh i know whats wrong" He says and smiles. I look at him confused. " You're sad that i said you were my friend" He smirks. I look down again. I can't lie to him. "Well..." He starts. I look up again and sees a smirk on his face. "We are friends.." He says sad. I look at him and shallow hard. "But that i just for now" He winks and smirk at me. I smile a little and hug him tight.


Gosh this kid is icredible...


An i really do love him...


A bit ;) 



If you have some ideas for the next episodes, PLEASE WRITE it to me!! It's hard to keep coming up with ideas!!! Thank you for reading too! Love uuuuu











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