Bad boy - Jason Mccan

Alex starts at Madison high school, where she gets 2 friends Sonny and Maddie. But she also meets Jason Mccan and his gang. The baddest and most dangerous guys in town. The town isn't big, but every single one is afraid of them, except... Alex. She is a brave girl and stands up for herself and who she cares about. They all tell her to stay away from Jason, but she just cant...


5. Drunk night


We are all meeting at the airport and me and the girls decided to drive together. I strip down my clothes and steps in the shower. I moan as the warm water touches my cold body. When i'm done i get out and dry up. I pull on some black lace bra and a thong. I walk out and grab some clothes. (In comments) I straighten my hair and put on some light makeup. The time said 7.15, and Maddie would be here at 7.30. I walk downstairs bringing my bag and suitcase.

"Hey Sweetheart, here is some breakfast to you" Lily say right when i'm in her sight. I sigh and grab it with a little smile. "I cant believe your going to Paris!" She say happy for me. I roll my eyes and eat my food. Soon i hear a car honk and stand up and grab my blue converse. "Bye hunny have a great trip, call home one of the days just so we know you're okay" She say and kiss my cheek and hugs me. I hug back and nods. I hug Jacob and Vanessa and walks out. (I changed it so they will be staying in Paris for 2 weeks)

I walk outside and wave one last time before getting my suitcase in the car and getting in the passenger seat. We talk on our way and get Sonny on the way. It takes about an half hour before we are at the airport. We pull in at a free spot, and i get out of the car and take my suitcase with me. They takes theirs and we head inside. As we open the doors we see all off our class standing there waiting. My eyes spots Jason right away and a smile appears on my lips. He stands there talking to Logan in jeans and a white shirt with a grey hoodie and a snapback with sunglasses, looking sexy as fuck, i cant even, arg.


"Now everybody is here so you can get your paper with informations off the groups and what hotel your staying at, and which train your going with when we arrive in 8 hours" Mr Honor yells out. We all take a paper and i see i'm staying with who i wanted. "No, i dont wanna stay with the sick guys" Maddie whispers. "Chill" I say and looks at her. We walk to the check in and after through the gate. The time said 8.30 and we were flying in 15 miutes. "Flight 245 to Paris is now boarding" I stand up and so does the others. We all walk in and find our seats. I sit down at the window, and finds out Logan is sitting next to me and then Jason next to him. It is a pretty big plane i guess.  Soon the plane starts and we are on our way up. I pull out my pillow and lies down on it. And before i knew it i was asleep.




"Alex wake up, we are here" I can hear a voice say beside me. I open my eyes and see Logan sitting there talking to me. I sit up and rub my eyes. I could see we were on our way down. "Wow you slept all the way" Jason say surprised. I shrug my shouders and laugh. "I was tired" I say and look at him. And then the plane lands and we get our bag and walks inside to the place you get your suitcase. We all get ours and walk out off the airport. "Jason, we need to get with that bus" I say as i point to a yellow bus. He nods and i get Sonny and Maddie and he gets Logan. We all walk in it. There isn't enough seats so me and Logan need to stand up. "Come here" Jason say pattin his lap. I smile and sit down sideway on him holding my suitcase. He wraps his arms around my waist so i dont fall.


After about 45 minutes we finally arrive at our hotel. We get out and all get in the lobby. "Reservations, for a Mrs Honor" Jason say to the man. "Yes, here is your roomkey, you guys are in the suit at the top" He say with a big smile. Totally gay, gosh. We get the key and walks to the elevator, we get in and press the 25 floor. I lean up against the wall. "I swear that guy is gay" I say breaking the silence. "That was my thought too" Logan say and make us all laugh. It soon stops and we get out and find our room, number 896. Jason locks it up and we all walk inside to find 2 master beds and a master bathroom with a bathtub, and a big walk in closet. A flatscreen and a sofa with a a beautiful view where you can see the eiffel tower. "Wow" I mumble as i look out the window. "This is like so amazing" Maddie say and checks out the bathroom.


"But wait guys?" Logan say confused. We turn around and look at him. "there's only 2 beds" He say a little awkward. "I'm not sleeping in the same bed as Jason! Thats gay" He yells frustrated. "Then Alex, Maddie and Jason in 1 bed, Logan and me in another" Sonny sugests. Jason agrees as me and Maddie. Logan gives in and sigh. Its already getting dark. "What time is it?" I ask them all. "10.45" They asnwer. "I'm going to bed then" I say and walk in the bathroom. I strip down and pulls on some short comfy black bike shorts. I pull over a white t -shirt too and walks back out. I walk to the bed and lies down. I can hear it becomes more and more quiet. Maddie was laying beside me but Jason wasnt, which must mean he is the one watching the tv. But just at that the tv turn off and i can hear the bathroom door close. soon again it opens and i can feel movement in the bed. I peek out of my one eye to see Jason getting in bed....shirtless. Stop killing me, stupid kid.




Next morning I woke up by movement in th bed and people whispering. I open my eyes to Jason's head as close to mine as it could get. I look over to see Maddie and Logan and Sonny giggling and looking at us. I smirk becuse they havnt seen me yet. "Mmm Jason" I moan making them almost die in laughter. I roll over so my hand is placed on Maddies pillow. I keep moaning for them to think i'm having a wet dream about Jason, which i was not. Oh god now i'm thinking over it, stop. "Mmm i hear something" I say with closed eyes. I can hear them still laughing as i picks up the pillow and throws it hard against it so it hits Logan right in the face so he stumbles back and falls. I laugh so hard, so i wake up Jason. "What is going on?" He ask with a raspy sexy morning voice. "I just made Logan fall" I laugh and get out of the bed. He laughs and swing his legs out of the bed, still sitting there. "Not funny" He say and glare at me. I laugh and strips down making Jason whistle. I turn around and send him a deathlook.


"What? Your smoking" He say and winks. "I have an idea!" He yells and jumps on the bed. "Why dont we go down and party in the club down the street tonight?!" He yells. I'm not really the party girl, but i guess we can have some fun. "Okay, fine" Maddie and Sonny say and sighs. Logan agrres and so do i. I turn around and smirk. "What?" Jason say confued. "If you want us to go clubbing then we want you to come shopping" I smirk becuase it rimed. Pretty funny right? no? Okay i'll stop. "Fine" They whine.




At 7.30 "I'm just gonna change real quick and then we will go to that club" I say and open my suitcase and finds an sexy outfit. (In comments) We walk out of the bathroom to see the guys waiting. "Finally!" Logan yells throwing his hands in the air. "I could seriously do you right away" Jason whispers i my ear. I wink and we walk out locking the door. "These heels are already killing me" Maddie yells in pain. "Just always remember: No pain, no game" I say and winks. They laugh and smile. The elevator stops and we walk out. Jason take my hand as we walk in the back. "I'm gonna get you so drunk tonight" He say and winks. "In your dreams" I say and looks away from him. "You'll see" He say and we finally reach the club.


We walk inside and the music is banging and poeple are making out and drinking. I dont think there is 1 person in this room that isn't drunk, really. "Lets take a group picture!" Maddie yells and gives her phone to the bartender. We all get ready, Jason's arm around me and mine around his neck. Maddie up against me, and Logan and Sonny standing together. "Come on, lets go get some drinks" Jason say and pulls me with him, followed by the others. He sits down and orders some drinks. I lean up against him and he has his arm around my waist. "Okay everybody lets take a shot!" logan shouts giving us all one. "3........2..........1.............Go!" He yells and faster than ever we all drink it. And we kept that up until we had all been taking 14 shots and we were all pretty drunk.


"Lets go grind!" I yell and takes Jasons hands and brings him out on the dancefloor. Everybody at the club starts grinding on their partners as the music turns to we found love, by Rihanna. I start jumping up and down with everybody their singing the song wtih them. Jason grabs my wiast and turns me around. I smile and jump up so my legs is around his waist and his hands are holding my butt. I lean down and crashes my lips on his and he kisses back adding more passion. I fall down slow and we stand there making out. I wrap my arms around his neck pulling him even closer to me. He slides his hands to my butt and grabs it hard. I moan in his mouth. He bites my bottom for entrance and i gladly let him in.


We got interrupted by Jasons phone ringing. He pulled away and took it. "Hello?" He yell in the phone. "Where the hell are you?! It so loud!" Someone i guess its Austin yells in the phone. "I'm at a club" He say. "With who?" "Alex" He say and a smile forms on my lips. "Oh well okay, call when you're not drunk" He say and hangs up. Jason shrugs his shoulders and takes my hand. "Should we get home? I'm almost myself again" He say and blinks at me. I nod and we walk outside. "Omg this is so nice, cold air!" I yell and spread my arms. Jason laughs and walks home. We walk in the lobby and into the elevator.


"My feets are killing me" I groan and makes a face because of the hurting. "Here" Jason say and picks me up in bridal style. I smile and wrap my arms around his neck. We walk out of the elevator and into the suite, close the door and i take off my shoes. I take off my dress and takes an shirt on. I lie down on the bed watching some tv. Jason comes out shirtless and without pants on. I didn't realise i was staring before Jason kissed me. I kiss back surprised and place my hands on his cheeks. He pulls away and keeps his forhead against mine. He smiles and i smile back. "I needed you to stop staring" He say smirking. I roll my eyes and get under the covers and lie down. Jason lies down too and watch some tv. I fall asleep fast.


I wake up by a big bang in the room. I sit down and see Sonny laying on the floor. I look up and see Logan standing there. "She passed out" He say innocent. I roll my eyes and ie down again, facing Jason.

I close my eyes and think about everything.

I feel like i have friends now.

2 girl friends and two guy friends.

Especially Jason.

I feel like he's my best friend.

I can trust him,

he can trust me.





Next morning...


"Alex!!!" Maddie yells stressed out. I open my eyes and sit up fast. "what?" I ask annoyed. "Jason and  Logan is gone!" She yells stressed. My eyes go wide when she say it. "What?! How?! When?! Why?!" I yell worried. "I dont know! When i woke up they were gone" She say stressed. "Where is sonny?" I ask but then sees her sleeping and snoring in her bed. I giggle then my face goes serious again. "Well..have you tried calling them?" I ask her. She shakes her head. "I dont have their number" She say. I take my phone and dials Jasons number, i could remember in my head. "Come on Jason, pick up" I mumble looking out the window. "Hey its Jason" I hear a voice say. I breath out relieved.


"I'm not at the phone at the moment, i'll call back when i see it" He then say. My jaw tightens and i trhow my phone on the bed annoyed. "Ugh i hate voicemail" I mumble and gets some sweatpants on. "where are you going?" "Down the lobby to see if they seen them" I say putting my shoes on. She nods and opens the dor for me. I walk out and get in the elevator. I press the lobby and a couple seconds later its there. I run ver to the check in and waits for the mans attention. "Did you see two guys go out here?" I ask him. He nods and looks down. "Well, do you know where they were going?" He shakes his head and looks down again. "Would you get your head out of your ass and tell me some more!!" I yell pissed and annoyed. "Well they walked out, that is the only thing i saw, now please get back to your room, you're disturbing the guests" He say and whispers the last part. I roll my eyes and walk to the elevator again.


I press my floor and goes up. I walk in the room to see the girls sitting on the bed. "So?" They ask. I shake my head and sits down on the other bed. "What are they up too?" I mumble and look down.

I'm so worried.

Please come home, or at least call me.

Please Jason.


Come on...


The next chapter will come in 2 weeks maybe. Not before sorry :( I'm going on vacation, comment your thoughts. I love my readers!! 


- Freja xx




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