Violent Passions (Book 3)

With a new Alpha pack in town, there's going to be more trouble for Zaira and the gang. With new friends and enemies coming in town, things are bound to get to ugly. Will Zaira be able to hang onto Derek when he falls for someone else? Or will she lose him forever? Will Derek push her into another Alpha's arms? I don't own anything, but my OCs.


16. Lunar Ellipse

I stood by and waited for Scott, Stiles, and Allison to come out of the water. I was scared out of my mind, but I knew that I had to be strong for my friends and family. I was pulled from my thought when Allison came up first, then Stiles, and lastly Scott. They told us that they knew where it was, but then Deaton told them that they were in the water for sixteen hours, which I had talked to Hazelle and found out that Derek gave up his Alpha status to save Cora, and that the full moon rose in less than four hours. I was shocked as well, but I was also trying to help Hazelle out and keep Caroline and Sophia in the loop.

*Hazelle’s POV*

I was happy that Derek was going to be ok, but I was also a little worried because now he was weakened, and I didn’t know what that meant for werewolves. I just sat there and helped Cora with Derek the best I could, without trying to kill Peter.

“We get it, ok. We know that Kali is coming after Derek, but you seem to forget that you have a hybrid on your side.” I growled as Peter and Cora looked at me shocked.

“She’s right. She can help us if it comes down to it.” Derek said which shocked us all because I thought he hated me.

Cora seemed fine with it, but Peter still looked unsure. Oh, well, he might as well get used to me because I’m not going anywhere.

*Zaira’s POV*

I was standing next to Scott and listening to everyone talk about him going back to Deucalion. I thought that he was crazy, but I wasn’t going to let him go back by himself.

“I’ll go with him.” I finally said after a few minutes.

Scott went to argue back but was cut off by the ding of the bell. We went to see who it was, and it was Ethan. He wanted Lydia’s help in stopping Aidan and Kali from killing Derek, and I couldn’t help the snort that came out.

“What? They won’t get near Derek because Hazelle is there. I wouldn’t leave Derek without some sort of help.” I stated because everyone was staring at me.

Ethan looked shocked but then again, he didn’t know me.

*Hazelle’s POV*

I stood next to Derek and listened as Ethan told us that Kali and Aidan were on their way to kill Derek. I thought it was funny because they all seem to forget that I’m here. I was brought out of my thoughts when I heard Lydia say that she felt like she was standing in a graveyard. I shuddered at that, but my main goal was to see if Derek was going to run or stay. I hope he runs because I can’t keep Zaira sane if he dies and it’s my fault.

*Zaira’s POV*

I was with Scott, Isaac, and Allison going into her apartment looking for something of her dads’, but we were ambushed by the FBI, or Scott’s dad, I should say. Mr. McCall was trying to prove a point, but I lost it when he said that he didn’t really want to drag Scott into an interrogation room.

“Go right ahead. Because when you do, you’ll have so many phone calls that you will be desk duty for the rest of your life.” I growled stepping in front of Scott.

“It’s nice to see you too, Zaira.” Mr. McCall said, while completely ignoring my statement.

I was getting more pissed off, but somehow it started to fade. I glanced at Scott and saw that he was holding my hand. I gave his hand a squeeze to let him know that I was ok. He let go of my hand, and we went back to staring at his dad. I think I know what Deaton meant now. I think I have feelings for my best friend.

*Hazelle’s POV*

I was sitting in the backseat of whatever vehicle Derek was driving, when Peter told him to go. I was happy that he chose to run because now Zaira will be happy that he’s still alive.

“Why did you come with us?” Cora asked, and I knew that she didn’t have a single idea about who I was.

“I came to make sure that Derek is still alive, so that way Zaira won’t kill me, and she will kill me if something happens to Derek.” I replied with a shudder because I knew every word was true.

*Zaira’s POV*

We were sitting in chairs while Mr. McCall tried to get us to tell him what we know. I wasn’t going to tell him anything and neither were the others. I was getting mad all over again, but I was sitting next to Scott, so he was keeping me calm, or trying to anyway.

I was doing better now that Allison was naming off some of the weapons, but then we all ran out the door when she pulled the pin on a grenade.

*Hazelle’s POV*

We were driving for a while before we pulled over because of Lydia’s scream.

“What the hell was that?” Cora asked as she looked at Derek.

“Lydia.” Derek and I said at the same time.

Derek turned the car around and headed back to his loft.

*Zaira’s POV*

I was riding with Scott on his bike, when we came to a stop at some type of sign. We went to this cliff, and that’s where we met Deucalion. I just stood there, but I wasn’t letting Scott go alone.

“You need to go with them Zaira. I have a plan.” Scott tried to tell me.

“I know Scott, but do you really think that she’ll come alone? She’ll get Derek to help her, and I know I can take Derek, so I’m coming.” I told him with a bit of attitude.

*Hazelle’s POV*

I looked at the mess that Jennifer made. I couldn’t believe that she killed Aidan and Ethan just like that. Those boys were awesome and fun to be around, but what was getting me was that Jennifer was claiming that she was doing this shit for Derek. I didn’t believe her and neither did Derek.

Cora and I agreed on one thing and that was that we didn’t want Derek to help Jennifer, but did he listen to us? No, he went on out the door with her, and I knew that this would not be good. I hope Zaira can put her feelings aside and fight Derek.

*Zaira’s POV*

I was walking with Scott and Deucalion, and I noticed where we were. We were in the same place that I went with Derek, when he needed that time to heal after Boyd’s death. I couldn’t believe that I was back, but then again, I didn’t know what meaning this place held.

Scott sent Jennifer a video message and now we’re waiting on her and Derek to show. I stood next to Scott, and I was just a tad bit worried. Scott stood just a little bit in front of me and I now knew why. He was letting me know that Jennifer wasn’t going to touch me. We watched as Jennifer and Derek walked in, and Scott was shocked.

“I told you that she would have him with her.” I stated with a sing-song voice.

I stood behind Scott in fear as Deucalion changed into what I guess is his wolf form. I also watched in horror as he tossed Derek like a rag doll. I was too afraid to go check on him, but I knew that he would be ok, or at least, I hope he will be.

I was scared as hell when Deucalion forced Scott on his knees with just a roar. I stood by and watched as Scott got back up and said that his pack would save his loved ones. I was proud of him, bus I honestly pray to God that he doesn’t do something stupid.

I was happy when Scott threw down those flash bulbs, but he was too late because the eclipse had just started. I was happy to note that I’m the only one who has a fighting chance because only my Alpha side loses power. I was ready to go if Jennifer wouldn’t have run off like a scared bitch, but then I was pulled from my thoughts when she came walking back into the room like her real self. I freaked out and hid behind some crates, until Derek decided to come out and talk to Jennifer about something that I have no idea about.

I finally came out of hiding and attacked her because she was attacking Derek. She threw me across the room and into some crates. I landed with a thud and could only watch as he began to beat on Derek. I screamed and begged for her to stop, but nothing seemed to work, until the eclipse was over, and Derek got his strength back. I walked up next to Scott and watched as he pushed through the barrier that Jennifer put around her.

Scott finally pushed through the barrier and shocked Jennifer. He threatened her, but then Deucalion had to go and ruin it by killing her, but at least the storm had stopped, and now we could go save the parents. I stood between Derek and Scott as they talked to Deucalion. I was surprised that they let him go, but I knew that this went back farther that any of us.

I went home that night and just relaxed. Derek never came by, but I did find the necklace that got ripped off of me, and a note saying that he and Cora were leaving town and that he didn’t know if they were coming back. I was upset, but I wasn’t heartbroken because we weren’t back together. I went to bed and got up the next morning feeling refreshed.

I got ready for school, and decided to ride my bike to school, and yes, I mean my motorcycle. I’ve had it for years, and now is a good time to ride it. I parked next to Scott’s bike, and went inside. I met up with Scott and Stiles and we went to our friends. Maybe life will be better, but I’m not banking on it.

Zaira's outfit:

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