Violent Passions (Book 3)

With a new Alpha pack in town, there's going to be more trouble for Zaira and the gang. With new friends and enemies coming in town, things are bound to get to ugly. Will Zaira be able to hang onto Derek when he falls for someone else? Or will she lose him forever? Will Derek push her into another Alpha's arms? I don't own anything, but my OCs.


2. Callie's Funeral

Derek had finally rocked me to sleep, but I still couldn’t sleep because the next day was Callie’s funeral. I knew who was coming and that they would be here early to check on me before the funeral. When I finally woke up, I heard knocking on the door. I got up, went downstairs, and opened the door.

“Hey Zaira.” Caroline Forbes said as she looked at me.

“Hey guys.” I greeted the group of friends that stood before me.

The group of friends consisted of Elena and Jeremy Gilbert, Caroline Forbes, Bonnie Bennett, Matt Donavon, Tyler Lockwood, and Damon and Stefan Salvatore. I was glad to see them, but I wish it was under different circumstances.

Derek was already gone when we all got back to my room, but the guys went back downstairs so the girls and I could get ready. I wasn’t ready to do this, but I knew that I had to. I still can’t believe that Callie is gone, but I do know that when I get my hands on Gerard that I’ll kill him. Sorry, I got lost in my thoughts again.

I went with the gang to the funeral home for the funeral, and then we were going to the graveyard. I honestly hope that no one is around that shouldn’t be, but who knows. The funeral was nice, but I almost lost it at the graveyard, but Jeremy and Tyler held me. I was glad that they were here, but I really needed my other friends as well, but for some reason, they stayed away from me, which is odd.

“Are you sure you’ll be ok, sis?” Elena asked as we were all standing by their cars. No, Elena, Jeremy, and I are not related, but we might as well be by the way we act.

“Yeah sis, I’ll be fine.” I replied with a small smile. On the inside I was breaking apart, but I didn’t want to keep my friends from keeping their hometown safe.

“Don’t be afraid to call us if you ever need anything.” Matt said as he hugged me.

“I won’t and the same goes for you guys.” I said back as I hugged everyone else before they got in their cars, and left.

I went up to my room, changed into my pajamas, and curled up on my bed. I heard my window open and I knew exactly who it was.

“Thanks for being there.” I said as I looked up at Derek.

“I wasn’t planning on letting you go through this alone.” Derek said as he joined me on my bed.

I curled up against Derek and we stayed like that for the rest of the day. I’m glad that he’s here because in all honesty, I don’t know what’s going to happen from here on out. We have to worry about the new alpha, but since they haven’t made a move, then I guess we’re ok for now, but as of right now, I’m going to sleep.


Zaira's outfit to Callie's funeral:

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