Little white lies

My school life sucks, I'm not social able, I only have one friend, and my parents could care less about me. My nickname has always been teenage dirtbag. And i'm know as the girl you shouldn't talk to. But what happens when my best friend get's two v.i,p tickets to see One Direction? When we get to go backstage, and I break down and tell them everything, what happen's when me and Cailee start falling for two of the boys?


1. Problems

  Hi my name's Kora and I'm seventeen yea-"OWW!" I yelled as Tiffany ran into me. "Oh sorry, never mind why should I say sorry to you?" She exclaimed. You see... Tiffany is the bitch of the school, She thinks she is so cool and beautiful, Even though she isn't. Her boyfriend is the hottest guy in school. I don't really care though he isn't someone I would even like, What a pot head!


  On the walk home Cailee caught up with me. "Hey Kora!" She said excitedly. "Hey Cailee... Why are you so happy?!" "Because my parent's said that they have a surprise for me when I get home.!"


  Cailee is kinda spoiled, Whenever her parent's say they have a surprise for her then she know's it's going to be good. "Cool well text me when you find out what it is" I said as I walked onto my porch. She gave me a thumbs up and walked to her house.


  I took a deep breath before walking into my house, not expecting what will happen tonight. "I'm home!" I yelled, No answer. I walked up the stairs to do my homework when I got a text from Cailee, "Gosh already?" I said to myself. I opened the text and read... 'S.O.S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'


  Well this better be good I said as I walked out the door and went next door to Cailee's. "What Cailee?" I said as I walked throught the door. "I JUST GOT TWO TICKETS TO ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!" She said screaming. I started screaming to. We were both in tears after about five minutes. "I can't believe we are going to see One Direction!" Cailee said after we calmed down. "Wait, What are we going to say to my parent's? When is it any way's?" I asked. "Just tell them your staying at my house for a couple nights, and the concert is tomorrow."


  I screamed again. I didn't think the concert would be tomorrow! ''Well can I stay the night tonight then to? Sense tomorrow is Saturday?" "Sure! I will come help you pack.... As long as your parent's aren't home." she said with a scared look. "Don't worry they aren't."


  We left Cailee's and went back to my house to pack, I basically packed cute clothes and then a pair of baggy sweats and a cut off shirt. After I finished packing we went pack over to Cailee's. "Oh Kora by the way we are going to the after party to, AND... One Direction will be there!! So we will be able to talk to them!" I was so excited, as long as I got to talk to Louis, I would be the happiest girl in the world!



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