Picking Roses

Chrysanthemum Burch or Chryssi for short, is a 12 year old girl that has just lost her parents in a car accident. Her only living relative is her wealthy uncle Donny Burch. He is her god father so by law she is sent to live with him. At the time of her parents death, he had just gotten a new job and it caused him to not be able to take care of her, so he sent her off to Noralynette's Boarding School For Girls and Boys. She doesn't end up having that boarding-school-fun-away-from-parents like they say in the books because she doesn't make any friends. Not until she goes rose picking after supper one night to put in a vase she made in pottery. There, she comes acrossed a girl that she had noticed before, and she had known to have no friends either.


1. Catching the Taxi

Mother hurried me out of the door as I finished my 2nd piece of toast. We rushed down the stairs together and out of the apartment building and my father hurried close behind us. My mother had no job but she still went with me and Father when I was dropped off at school and when my Father went to work. We waited at the curb for a Taxi to come so we could catch it. There was a Taxi near and my mother whistled for it but an old lady who was waiting also rushed to the door before we could enter and hopped in, closing the door. My mother groaned and called for another one that stopped for us and we climbed in. My mother asked the Taxi driver nicely to take us to my middle school and they dropped me off and the Taxi drove them to my fathers work, the World Trade Center. I rushed into school because I was 10 minutes late. I rushed passed all of the hallways and into the 7th grade hallway. The school year was almost over. I rushed into my classroom and my teacher along with all of the other students stared at me. I had not put away my book bag into my locker. I looked silly. But I took a seat anyways and pulled my science book out.

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