the mix up


4. the mix up

''i know him' she looked even more confused and she sat on my bed ''who and what do you mean'' she asked looking in my eyes like she was telling me she was deeply worried about me i told her how i saw the boys when they almost ran over me ''i know harry ive seen him before i know i have before they told me there names i took one look at them and i instntley knew thre full names and everything about them it was weird '' i said confused at my own words ''well,they are famous '' she said ike i didnt know. 'nat, it isnt like that ive never heard of there music before until harry and louis told me'' i sat down next to her then memories rushed down my mind 

                             FLASHBACK (she had this in the car with the boys too)

i was three years old and my mom threw a party i saw as my mom came over to me and bent down over and looked into my eyes .this wasnt my mom she had long brown hair with blue mom  had light brown hair and hazel brown eyes and she had a scar on her mom from what she told me was from her childhood. i stood there and the lady spoke up ''hey sweetie this is anne is  one of mommies friends now do me and a favor and talk to the little boy right there he is annes son okay have fun sweetie '' the lady said she was my mom,what the --....''hi im harry'' the boy with  blonde hair (it changed as he got older if you didnt know ) said to me no way was that harry then i saw his cheeky grin,dimples,and his beautiful eyes.  it really was harry.''hi im allison you can call me ally '' the boy looked happy ''do you only let friends call you ally ?'' i smiled back ''mhm how did you know ?'' i said pointing at him '' because i guessed so if were already friends that must mean we are good friends since we made a relationship that quickly lets make a promise we will always be best friends'' i thought about it ''deal i like you harry ''  he smirked ''i like you too ally '' 


                                     end of flashback 



he was my best friend no way . but what really caught my attention was the women was that really my mother. i quickly looked trough every picture in the house mostly in my parents room . i didnt come accross any pictures of me at age 3 or younger then i found a picture of my mom from 15 years ago when i was 3 she looked nothing like the lady in my flash back she had short hair that went past her shoulders and it was blonde maybe she dyed it or thats her natural colorand it aged like harrys i cried on and on without stopping she isnt my real mom .''what are you doing allison '' said my mom as dad followed her with some new chlotes in a bag ''what the hell is wrong with you '' i screamed

''you cannot use that language in this house i am your mother ''

tears came more and more'' thats just the thing ,your not my mother you adopted me didnt you '' they both looked shocked ''listen ally, you werent adopted but when you were 4 years old you were sent to the hospital and so was natalie but your birth mom took me and dad had to go back home cause we didnt lock the doors and when we came back we were sent home with you they mistaked us for your parents we saw you and  we thought you werreour daughter we thought you were natalie then we found out after twenty minuets and your birth mother left we never found her so we adopted you and we had natalie back we wouldnt tell you or you migt do something crazy''  i was shocked i couldnt believe what was happening i just ran to my room and told everything to natalie  she was upset just much as me we were both lied to apparently they didnt tell nat either . ''im going nat '' she knew what i menat ''please stay in touch and i wont tell her you need to this '' she hugged m and i hugged back we were both crying ''i love you sis '' i said still hugging her '' i love you too '' we finally broke apart and with her help i packed in twenty minuets . i was off to see my birth mom and i was determined 

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