the mix up


2. school....and guests?

allys(allisons pov) ; i woke up from the sun beaming in my face i fluttered my eyes open looking at the windows i thought i closed the curtains lasts night. i saw my tall sister with her dark brown hair in a high ponytail and purple buttoned up shirt which is checkered and some light blue ripped  jeans ,with her purple and white converse ,was standing by my window smirking noticing i finally woke up. ''oh hey ,its about time you wpoke up ,now hurry up and get ready we have to go to school today we only have an hour and i know you take forever to get dressed on the first day of school so hurry since im driving you  '' realization hit me ''ohh i forgot,you know what your already dressed you can just go on without me ill walk to school today''  she nodded and walked back to her bedroom to probabbly go on her computer or text her friends,well our friends yep sisters and we hang out with the same people do the same things people find it a bit creepy yet we dont . i slowly got up and brushed my teeth  took a shower everyday stuff  . i put on my british flag tanktop and blue shorts and put my hair into a messy bun .i put on no makeup except a little bit of red lipgloss.i looked at the time shit only te minuets. i ran  outside with my purse and phone that had the british flag case to match my outfit . it was cold this early morning in london.i  ran until i tripped and fell onto the street , a car came and i screamed,luckily they stopped.''shit''  i mumbeled to myself and then i opened my eyes aand saw 5 pair of feet surrounding me i blinked a few times and slowly got up. ''are you okay ,love'' a tall boy who had a buzzcut asked me ''im - im fine welll for now i wont be when i get to school'' i checked my watch i was five minuets late and im still not even close to school ''ugh i gotta go ,im sorry aboput that accident earlier thanks for helping '' i said as i was about to walk i noticed at the corner of my eye they were staring at me and whispering ''wait....'' i heard a deep voice say behind me i turned back around ''sorry but i really gotta get goi-'' he cut me off ''we caused you most of this accident just come with us we will give you a lift'' i looked into his eyes which made me feel like i can trust him they were so beautiful green and were perfect for his brown curls i knew these 5 boys but i couldnt put my finger on it ''okay i guess'' i sighed and walked in and sat down it was quiet for about 1 minuet or so until i started the conversation ''my name is allison by the way ,some people call me ally or all ,and i dont think i got your names either '' they stared at me with disbelief ''you dont know who we are '' the tanned boy with a black quiff and hazel brown eyes asked me ''did we hit your head by accident earlier or are you insane '' the blonde one said to me as he munched on food just then the car stopped at the address i gave them i looked at each of them i saw (okay you guys know how they look like so im gonna skip this part and just say there names but you know she doesnt know them just yet) louis munching on a carrot,niall eating out of a bag that said nandos on it ,liam playing with a buzz lightyear doll,zayn checking himself out in the car mirrors ,and harry was writing cats in different fonts . memories came back trough my head i mumbeled  ''it was you'' but not enough for them to understand but enough for them to know i said something ''what was that '' louis said (this time she knew there names without her being told )''n-nothing uhh thanks for the uhm ride i -i gotta go''i said tears in my eyes as i backed away as soon as i got out the tears strolled down my face i was about to walk into the bulding at the corner of my eye i noticed they were waiting for me to go into the school so i walked into the building they were still there by the time i was at the door i looked outside the window now they got out and were following me inside.why? did they see me cry? did they know i was hiding something ?

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