the mix up


6. leave me alone

harry whispered in my ear ''dont worry ill make sure they wont take you away ''

i nodded and let go of him he walked downstairs and i heard the convorsation

''mom whats going on'' he said but he obviously knew what was happening 

''these people are saying we took there child'' anne said

''even if we did have her it would be my child now you people found her cause you didnt know hwere i was well you wouldve found me now .''mom,my real mom,said

''fine lets just go bella she has a point even if we know allison is here we'll leave'' ron said 

i heard a loud slam and i gulped i waited 4 minuets and i ran downstairs into harry's arms  and started sobbing and he held me tight stroking my hair.

i hugged my mom as well.

i decided to go to bed . i went up to my room but i couldnt fall asleep i kept having nightmares about ron and bella coming back and getting me .

'''now that you ran away causing us trouble were going to hurt you so bad''

''what do you mean ''i asked mom

''did we ask for you to say something''my dad snapped pulling at my hair

''owwww'' and they both just laughed and harry came out behind them 

''harry do something ''

'' im sorry love but they tied ropes around me i cant move''

''whre mum'' i asked worriedd

''oh dont worry bout her shes safe in a better place now we didnt  want someone doing something to her'' ron said and they both evily laughed

i saw my mum on the floor with blood around her and anne too 

i woke up crying. 

it was 11 am. i rubbed my eyes and went to harry's room


i heard a murmer from him but couldnt understand



''HARRY''i said louder

he woke up and fell off the bed 

'' huh what ? oh its just you are you okay did they come back here ?'' he said and clenched his fists

''no no its not that its just - im kind of afraid of sleeping alone i keep getting nightmares'' i whispered

'' dont worry you can slee here tonight love '' he said moving over 

''thanks'' i mumbeled  

he nodded and went back to sleep

when i fell asleep i didnt dream of them but instead harry .

''hey babe'' harry said wrapping his strong around me 

''hey haz'' i said giving him a kiss on the lips''im so excited for our date tonight'' i exclaimed

''me too'' he said chewing on some bacon.

later in the dream it was the date 

''oh look the foods coming'' 

''oh what did you order for me babe''

he smirked

'' i got you something special its a surprise.''

 i nodded 

the the waitor came with soemthing in aa pan and a tray covering it 

''whats this'' i asked smiling

''open it ''

i opened it and saw a cake that in frosting said 

''will you marry me ''

 i looked at harry he was kneeled on the floor  

''harr-'' i felt someone move the bed 

i fluttered my eyes open

''harry what are you doing ''

''oh sorry love i was just getting my laptop i didnt mean to wake you but you should wake now its noon''

my eyes widened its noon?

''its noon! i gotta get going''

''where do you have to go love''

'' where im just meeting someone''

he looked at me curiously 


'' i - umm - jenson'' i blurted out 

''whos that '' he asked man he is being annoying 

''what is this 20 questions?'' i quickly asked

''okay umm sorry that i asked'' he said getting his laptop and leaving

i didnt know anyone named jenson i just had to get away from harry i needed to stop thinking about him or i might get feelings for him

or did i already have them for him?

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