Totally Bugged!- By Bugs!

basically, i was writing this story and i finished it so i wrote a sequel. i thought the first story needed to be bigger so i started writing this. its a science fiction adventure story about a thirteen year old girl called april. april tells the story. on her birthday, april recieves a strange package, and doesnt know who it is from.


1. My Birhday!


I woke up, and ran downstairs three steps at a time.

I bounded into the living room, ready for my presents.

Nothing. Except for this...

"April Waterson, get back in your room right now!" (my Dad).

"B-but, why?" I began to sob.

" It's five in the morning, thats why!" he bellowed.

"Well, it was worth a try." I sulked, climbing up the stairs.


So, when it was okay to get up, I got up and ran downstairs three steps at a time.

I bounded into the living room, ready for my presents.

The room was bursting!

Big presents, small presents, normal sized presents, in bags, wrapped, with cards, with bows, with ribbons, everything! And that wasn't all of them! The party was at one, and two hundred and fifty people turned up! With presents!

But the best, BEST part was... SYDNEY WHITMAN!

She is this AMAZING rock singer, and she totally ruled!

Everyone loved her!

And the best part is... shes is my BFF!

She was in a band, with her best friend before me, when May (her friend) moved to Australia.

I moved into May's house and met Sydney at school. She quit from the band and went solo, becoming this HUGE star.

Anyway, Sydney is staying at mine for two weeks before she carries on with her U.K tour. After shes finished the U.K, she'll do the rest of Europe, then go over to America. She is allowed to bring a plus one.................. ME!

That was my birthday present from her. She even sang all of her exclusive songs that no one is going to hear until 2015!



After the party/disco/best day of my life had finished, Sydney, me, Mum, Dad and Robbie went out to eat. We collected Sydney's stuff, then headed home.


I opened all of my presents, most of them the usual stuff, like clothes, make-up, gift-cards, and maybe the odd techy thing, however I got this parcel, wrapped in brown paper, with a piece of string tied around it. There was no return address, plus it was really oddly shaped. Mum said it must have been a mistake, therefore put it in the cupboard, muttering something about giving it to the postman as soon as she could.


I NEEDED to know what was in that package!


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