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Hi my name is Olivia.My cousin is Louis Tomlinson...yes THE Louis Tomlinson from One Direction! We have always been close because we lived beside each other.When Louis left for X-factor i barely ever saw him.But when Louis come back after x-factor with his new best freinds/band mates two of the five fall for her. Who will she pick? The Irish Cutie or the English cheeky chap? Read to find out......

First Movella !! No hate for anything please.


4. Wait what?


Louis P.O.V

Today me and the lads have a meeting with Simon about Music Labels signing us Sony I think?"Lou" Niall called from the sitting room.He cried the most last night."LOU!" He screamed again "Oh..YEAH?" I answered from our bedroom i was by myself cas the rest of the lads wanted breakfast i was too nervous to eat. "CMON WE'RE LEAVING" He screamed back I ran down the stairs. We were still in the X-Factor house we were leaving tonite and the lads are coming back to Doncaster. I cant wait for them to meet Liv properly. I made my way into the sitting room to see the lads waiting for me by the door."Cmon lads the cars outside" the driver said.In the car we chatted nervously to each other about whats going to happen.


We made it to Sony Records London office.It looked so posh and...scary i guess.We made it inside hands shaking barely able to speak. "One Direction?" an about 40 year old women in a pin striped suit. We stood up looking at each other nervously "Thats us" Liam states being the responsible one if we didnt have Liam we would all still be sitting there shaking. "Come with me" she says really professionally."This is it  boys" Harry whispered "Lets do this" Zayn whispers in responce. 


We walk into a big conference room and see about 10 people sitting at a big table in those comfy study chairs. "SO lads im Martin and I am the head of Sony London and iv decided to sign you" he said.Wow wait that quick what?  "That was quick" I managed to say out of disbelief "Well yes we had already discussed it before you came" "Oh were we late?" Niall continued "No no not atall we just have another client now" "Oh ok so thats it?" Zayn spoke up  "Um yes Is that ok?" the Martin man questioned "Its perfect absolutely perfect!" Liam answered for all of us "I guess we will be leaving?" I asked "Oh yes yes we will see you soon" he said sweetly We chorused a few thank yous and goodbyes and ,made our way back to the car. 


In the car we were just chatting about ow quick it was and how excited we were. None of us could stop smiling.


When we made it back to the house we finished of our packing and got back in the car. We were going to Doncaster today. The lads couldn't wait to meet Olivia properly. I mean the last time they saw her we were all crying. ON our way there the lads were asking questions about her mostly,also some about my sisters mum and step-dad. 


When we finally made it I ran into the house everybody charging at me for hugs. I told Olivia to stay at her house so we can have a movie night. Her mum was staying at our house cas she said she "Trusts us" if you know what I mean. Talk about cringe! 

After introducing the lads to everyone and having a bit of a catch up we made our way to Livs house. 

Olivias POV

*Knock Knock* Ahhh it Lou! I miss him soo much. I went to open the door and in came Louis picking me up and spinning me around in a hug. "Iv missed you so much" He whispered "You seen me yesterday" I laughed "Only for like two minutes though!" He complained "I know I was only messing Lou Iv missed you more though" I started picking a playful argument "We are not having this argument again" He said laughing "Ok" I pouted he was just about to start a conversation with me but i interrupted "The lads" I whispered "Oh yeah" He said aloud "Lads this is Olivia" he stated "Like we didn't know he never stops talking about you!" Niall said in his hot tick Irish accent. Awh he is GORGEOUS! "Haha really ?" I asked jokingly looking at Lou blushing "Well I probably never shut-up about his either" I said trying to make him feel better. "Anyways Olivia this is Niall,Liam,Zayn and Harry" he said Harry was also gorgeous ! They all were. "I didnt know that...havent stalked any of ye i promise!" I said jokingly they all laughed and we walked into the sitting room. I put on my favorite move of all time'Angus,Thongs and perfect snogging' its no where near as dirty as it sounds swear.

Nialls POV 

After Louis introduced us properly we went into the sitting room to watch a movie. I have to admit Olivia's gorgeous i really like her and she has a sense of humor. Oh and shes half Irish! Im definitely going to try and score(Kiss/pull) her but im afraid she will reject me. I caught Harry looking at her aswel. Well i call dibs.


Harrys POV 

We had just started watching this movie its really funny but Olivias more of a sight then any movie.  think I like her! Big time! I was looking at her or as some people would say staring when i got a text from Niall. 

From Niall

I call dibs! N


To Niall



From Niall

I saw you staring No need to go ape Jayzus N

To Niall

We will talk later H

From Niall

Fine but make a deal nobody tries anything untill we "talk" N

To Niall

Fine now just watch the movie H

Olivias POV

Niall and Harry were staring at me. What? Do I have something on my face? Then they both started texting. Properly each other. Are they making fun of me? But they both look angry. and frustated.


After the Movie we decided to order Pizza and play Truth or Dare."Ok Liam truth or dare?" i asked

"uhm dare" He answered "Ok i dare you to make a sandwich with chocolate spread apples crisps pizza bananas cheese Weetibix and ketchup and eat it" I said quite proud of my dare "Ewwwwwwww yuck!! Are you serious!?" He asked "Dead serious" i said.


After he ate it he got sick yuck! We played for another 20 minutes before it was 2 am and i got tired and went to bed. Niall and Harry shared the guest room,Zayn took my little brothers room who is now living with his dad. and Lou and I shared my room just like we used to when we had sleepovers. I went straight to sleep.


*Next Morning*(still Olivias POV)

I woke up early so i decided to make breakfast. I made Eggs,toast,bacon,sauseges and pudding oh ad fried brown bread. Full Irish! I dont actually know what a full English is cas i only moved a few years ago. I also made beans. I had just laid it on the table when the lads came down topless id seen Louis before so i was used to it but they are WELL fit!! I tried my best not to stare but they noticed and chuckled. "FULL IRISH!!!!" Niall screamed "Haven't had one in AGES!!!" He said "Well i don't know what a full English is cas im Irish!" I chuckled "IRISH BUDDY FOR LIFE!" Niall said engulfing me in a hug. Which earned a glare from Harry...and Zayn! What? "Haha yeah ok Paddy calm it!" I said pushing him off. We ate then they had to leave i hugged them all but when it came to Harry he kissed my cheek I thought nothing of it until Niall started screaming at him,then they were having a full blown argument. Louis told me to go upstairs which i did. I just sat on my bed thinking and texting my best freinds Eleanor and Grace in a group chat.

Ten there was a knock on my door. "COME IN" I shouted Then in came Zayn "Hey" I said "hey listen we are leaving but we will meet you at the ice-cream place or something later?" "Oh yeah thats fine i know what he is on about" "Ok il see ya later" he said but i called for him back. "Zayn" "Yeah?" "What were they fighting about?" "Well i uh i think it was that Harry and Niall both like you and Niall got Jealous when Harry kissed your cheek" He said "What so not true!" I said really shocked! "Oh its true and they're not the only ones" He whispered before kissing my cheek and standing up "What?" I said to myself. Just before he walked out the door he winked at me. WHAT?


Authors Note:

Hey! Sorry bout not updating I got a different charger. Oh I tried updating on my phone but it wouldnt let me log in!:/ So sad anyways I start school this time next week! So sad! Anyways i have this idea is there any words you dont understand like when i said score craic what a full irish is all of that il post a chapter explaining just post in the comments what ones you dont understand!! :D!!




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