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Hi my name is Olivia.My cousin is Louis Tomlinson...yes THE Louis Tomlinson from One Direction! We have always been close because we lived beside each other.When Louis left for X-factor i barely ever saw him.But when Louis come back after x-factor with his new best freinds/band mates two of the five fall for her. Who will she pick? The Irish Cutie or the English cheeky chap? Read to find out......

First Movella !! No hate for anything please.


5. Cinema and Confused

Olivias POV

After Zayn left the room I just went to sleep.I was exhausted. I know what your think...Lazy ass you just got up...but what just happened was really draining.I woke up to my phone vibrating. TEXT MESSAGE was written across the screen of my phone.


 From SasMasta:

Hey Liv meet us at the ice-cream parlor in 15;) Sassy x


Typical Lou calls himself the sasmasta of doncasta. I hope it wont be awkward with Zayn,HArry and Niall there.


To SasMasta:

Hey Lou. Yeah il be there. Liv x


He replied almost instantly with a Simple....


 From SasMasta:

Ok see you there love you cuzzzzz!! x


We always joke with each`other saying we love each other and sending x's so its nothing serios.I didnt think i needed to reply to it so i didnt. I quickly dot dressed in pink skinnies and a baggy cat sleeved white top. Also a long chain and my white converses. It was quite warm for the start of January so I didnt need a a jacket.I made my way to the Ice-cream parlor I was a few minutes late so the lads were already there.I went and sat down beside Lou which was a seat beside a window and infront of me was Liam beside him was Niall beside Niall was Zayn and across from him also beside Lou was Harry.


"Hey Liv I bought you your favorite" Lou said nodding down to the ice-cream in front of me. "Aw thanks Lou here il pay you back" I said taking out my purse "Ah i dont think so leave it I owe you anyways" He said grinning "Uh for what?" I questioned "For making me try out for x-factor" He said shyly "Aww Lou" I gave him a quick hug and we continued our conversation. 


Just before we left Niall came up to me asking me to the cinema tonight. "Uh yeah id love too sure" "Ok pick you up at 7?" "Thats fine"


I didnt bother changing so I didnt do anything while waiting for Niall to pick me up apart from watch telly.After watching telly for a couple of hours i heard a knock on the door.


I opened the door to see Niall standing there. "Hey Nialler" I said "Oh hey Libs" He awnsered "You look beautiful" He added "Aw Nailler thats so sweet but i havnt changed since you lats saw me" I joked "Uhm yeah i knew that" "Ok so what are we going to see" I questioned while walking out of the house. "What ever you wanna see" We started walking to the cinema "Ok um...How about Grown ups?""Oh yeah thats supposed to be sooo funny!" He exclaimed "I know!!" 


We made it to the cinema and bought two tickets a bag of M&Ms for me and A medium fanta, And he got a Large coke and a bag of Pick n Mix for him. We were about to go in when we I bumped into some one "Oh my god sorry" I said "Thats alright love" he said that voice I knew that voice "ZACK!" I screamed engulfing him into a massive hug "Ah Liv" He whispered into my hair.

Nialls POV

We were about to walk into the screening room for Grown ups when Olivia bumped into some lad. She just said sorry and i expected her to keep walking but instead she screamed Zack and gave him a massive hug. I didnt want to ruin the moment but I was dead jealous."Who's this Libs?" I asked I hope i didnt sound jealous I know i am but i cant have her knowing that."Oh Nialler this is Zack my ex-boyfreind" She said smiling up at him "Zack this is my freind Ni-" She was about to say my name when he interrupted her "Niall Horan Right?" He said I was shocked than I remembered Im in One Direction...oh yeah."Thats me..." I said trying to sound enthusiastic "So whyd ye break up?" I asked "Zack moved to America we didnt think a long-distance Relationship would work" She said thats when I got extremely jealous. "Hey wat movie are ye going to see?" He questioned "Grown ups what about you?" she answered " Oh great same " He answered "You here with anyone?" I asked "Ah no I was supposed to meet James but he got sick last minute just called me" He answered smirking obviously knowing i was trying to embarrass him being a loner."oh my god I havnt talked to James for like a year!" Olivia said "Um I hate to ruin the catch up but the movie is starting in like 30 seconds" I stated "Oh ok Zack you can sit with us" Libs said "Right Niall?" She added "Yeah" I mumbled giving him the death glare earning a smirk back from him.We found our seats and settled down.


Olivias POV

This movie is hilarious. About half way through it Zack put his arm around me,I took it of but then he leaned into kiss him I squirmed a little but then his lips met mine. I tried to push him off but it didnt work. Thats when his weight dissapered off of me and luckily so did his lips. Niall had tackled him to the ground in the aisle and was throwing punches.


Nialls POV

A really funny bit in the film happened and everyone burst into fits of laughter except for the two beside me. I looked over to see them kissing,but when i looked closer i realized Olivia was trying to push him off.I jumped to my feet and threw him off of her. Luckily he had the aisle seat so he didnt fall on top of anyone. Once he was on the ground i started throwing punches at him. That was until i was taken off of him by someone who worked there. "Sir you and him and your lady freind have been banned for disturbing other people watching the film." he said and with that we were thrown out. We were now outside the exit. I walked over to a bruised and bleeding face of this Zack dude and told him to leave and to leave Olivia alone. He just walked away.


Olivia POV

I was so grateful for what Niall done for me so when Zack walked away I went up to him. "Hey Niall Thank you so much!" I said giving him a massive hug "Its grand I just saw you struggling, it was the least i could do." I looked up at him just staring into his eyes thats when i found myself leaning in and so was he...I started to freak out inside but I really wanted to kiss him.Just when I think I was about to explode with excitement his lips touched mine and shot of electricity went through my body.The kiss started to get a little more passionate as he licked the bottom of my lip asking for entrance,I quickly opened my mouth but thats when we heard a car horn,We then realised that we were standing in the middle of the car park....kissing. We quickly pulled apart and walked to the footpath and started walking back to my house. "So uhm.." he said obviously trying to make thinks less awkward. "Thanks for the movie tonight even if we got kicked out" I giggled he joined in laughing "Yeah sorry bout that" He apologized "Dont be it was really sweet" 


We just talked about random stuff the whole way home. When we made it to my house we stopped and looked at each other. "Goodnight Libs" He whispered using the nickname he uses for me."Night Nialler" I whispered back. Our noses were touching and we were about to kiss again when someone cleared their throat we looked up to see my Mum standing outside the door. "Night Niall" I said quickly before giving him a quick peck on the cheek and running inside. "Night Olivia" He called after me before walking down the road to Louis' house. My Mum just stared at me as I ran up the stairs to my room.I quickly text Eleanor and Grace to hang out tomorrow and meet the lads. Eleanor and Louis already knew each other. They were both in my group of freinds and honestly they both have little crushes on each other which is dead cute. I went to sleep soon after that.

*The next morning*

I woke up quite early for me around 9 am.I got dressed in denim skinnies and a grey jumper with a black heart on it and my black vans. I wore my hair up in a messy high pony tail.Thats when there was a knock on the door.I answered it to find El and Grace. Grace is a new freind. She kinda just tags along with us. Iv known El for like ever."Hey" I said as El came in for a hug. Grace just stood there awkwardly. "Ok so lets go to Lou's" I said "Oh my god i havnt seen him for ageesss" El said dragging out the ages. "I betcha missed him" I winked at her and she started blushing Grace didnt know what we were on about so she just looked down at the ground.


When we got to Louis' I just walked straight in. "LOU" I called "Someones here to see yoouuu!" I sang. "Really Oh my god is it...." He called back he ran down the stairs "IT IS!" He added and engulfed El into a hug. Picking her up and spinning her around. The would look so cute together! When Lou put her down I introduces him to Grace. "Lou this is Grace,and Grace Vice versa" He put out his hand to shake she just looked him up and down before shaking it looking like she just touched something so discusting. I really have no clue why she is our freind. Louis gave me the eyes that were screaming 'Whats her problem?' I just shrugged my shoulders. Then the rest of the lads came down and introduced them selves. We talked for awhile until we got hungry. I offered to go to Subway and El wanted to help.


We walked to subway and ordered. While we were waiting El was telling me how much she still liked Louis.I know the Louis still likes her. I mean his eyes lit up when she walked in. And i didnt even get that big of a hug when i saw him for the first time in ages. They called our name and we collected everything. After about ten minutes of walking we made it back to Louis'. We walked in and what I saw made me freeze. Grace on top of Zayn...Kissing. I felt like crying. I dropped the food and ran out.Tears brimming in my eyes.


Zayns POV

I was just sitting there watching telly. I dont really like this Grace one. Shes so rude and just sits there. Ugh i hate people like that. When I heard the front door open I was about to get up and help Liv and El with the bags. Now Eleanor I like. She perfect for Louis. But I got pulled back down and then I felt someones weight on top of me. I looked up to see grace trying to kiss me. She was strong enough for her tiny body. Her lips then crashed down on mine. I tried to push her off but nothing happened. Thats when I heard a gasp. Olivia. Shoot! I heard the front door open and close again. She must have ran out. I used all my might to put Grace off and she fell onto the floor with a smug look on her face. I started screaming at her. "WHAT THE HELL! WHY DID YOU DO THAT OH MY GOD YOU DONT KNOW HOW MUCH I LIKE HER!!" She just responded with an "Oh I know how much you like her" and walked out smirking. What the hell just happened.


Graces POV

This has gone perfectly. Its all part of the plan. You see im just pretending to be their freind. I really hate their guts.After our little texting session the other day. The day after the lads came and Harry and Niall started fighting. Olivia butt dialled me by accident. I heard the whole conversation with Zayn.If only she knew that I was actually Sophies best freind. Sophie is her enemy never liked each other. Sophie is the the most popular girl in school. So to make Olivia jealous Im gonna take Zayn and she will try Niall and Harry. So much fun.


Authors Note:

Heyyyy!! This chapter took ages to write! I hope you enjoyed it!!!:D Ok so im starting school monday and if im finding it hard to update during summer how hard will it be during school. So not as much updates. And in 1D news Im going crazy!! ZAYN AND PERRIE ARE ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!! They announced it and the ring it BEAUTIFUL!! I was so happy when I found out! Like Zerrie forever!! Who else is buzzin' for 'This is us'? I cant wait! And for all ye lucky people who went to the premiere in Dublin and London I am Wel Jel!!! 6 more days till its out!!! Please tell me what you thought of the chaptar!!

Love NiallsGal<3



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