Just Another London Girl

Effie Grinham is an ordinary teenager. Completely. She went to school in the morning as usual, hung out with friends like every day, swooned about boys and talked about annoying teachers behind their backs. She got back to her house in north London as normal, had an ordinary dinner with her mum, older sister and Connor - her mum´s man (she doesn’t like to call him her step-dad, which is understandable, seeing he goes on nag-nag-nagging all day long about all sorts of pointless things). She begged her mum a bit for a new mobile phone and some pocket money, just a little bit, for the shopping spree organized by her BFF´s on Saturday that she simply cannot miss. Connor told her to do her homework instead of being lazy, sitting on the sofa all afternoon.

It was such an average day.

Until she accidentally found something by the door that nobody else seemed to notice before, and found herself opening a letter from someone who is most probably dead…

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5. Wednesday

4:15pm - I’ve just come back from school. I’m late because Ms. Matthews kept us behind, cuz this boy Chris was writing on the table. She always does that – keeps us all behind if one person’s bad. Urgh!
I haven’t had dinner yet, and there’s no one at home. I'm starving!!! I could eat up a whole elephant!!! Or a giraffe!! Actually, a whole zoo!!! It’s cuz I’ve had no lunch at school – I borrowed Ketia 50p for a drink, so I didn’t have enough to buy a whole meal. And then Josie was nice enough to get me a box of French fries. But I'm still hungry.
I’ll go and see what’s in the fridge…


4:36pm - There was pizza!!!! Yummy!!! I put 2 slices in the oven a gobbled it all up. I don’t care if I get in trouble. Well, obviously my mum won’t get me in trouble, she never ever does, but Connor will. He always gets some excuse to get me in trouble. Well, he’s ok at times, but mostly he just nags.

5:00 – mum’s back. I told her about the pizza. She said it’s ok. I told ya! She’ll never be mad at me. Even if burnt the house down. Or something…

5:25 – Ketia just phoned, she wanted to know if I’m going Dance Club tonight. I totally forgot!!! I was asked to join the club in the middle of a dance lesson last week. Because the teacher thinks I'm amazing… lol. I don’t even like dancing that much! But I told her I’ll go as soon as my mum lets me. She said I could. But then Connor interrupted and said I’m not going anywhere until I finish all my homework. ‘But it will take me the whole night to finish everything! Cant I just do like half, and I’ll do the rest tomorrow?’ I answered. My mum agreed but Connor protested. I hate him so much!!!!!
I think I’ll sneak out to meet Ketia tonight, even though I’ll probably get in trouble… oh well! I have this really big window in my room, and even though I’m upstairs, I can easily reach the kitchen windowsill with my foot. And then, if there’s no one in the kitchen, I’ll jump down and run for it. That’s a good plan, isn’t it? Yes, that’s what I’ll do. I’m mad, I know. It’s normal in this family.

10:13 – just climbed back into my room. Dance club was FUN!!! Even though I couldn’t get the hang of the moves at first, cuz the teacher had this Indian accent I couldn’t understand what she was saying. But I copied all the other girls. And we’re performing in March!!! I don’t know what day exactly. But I'm not telling mum until I arrange tickets for her. I know its ages away, but thankfully it’s her birthday then, so that’ll be her present!

It WAY past my bedtime!!! Better get to bed before Connor comes to check on me.



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