Just Another London Girl

Effie Grinham is an ordinary teenager. Completely. She went to school in the morning as usual, hung out with friends like every day, swooned about boys and talked about annoying teachers behind their backs. She got back to her house in north London as normal, had an ordinary dinner with her mum, older sister and Connor - her mum´s man (she doesn’t like to call him her step-dad, which is understandable, seeing he goes on nag-nag-nagging all day long about all sorts of pointless things). She begged her mum a bit for a new mobile phone and some pocket money, just a little bit, for the shopping spree organized by her BFF´s on Saturday that she simply cannot miss. Connor told her to do her homework instead of being lazy, sitting on the sofa all afternoon.

It was such an average day.

Until she accidentally found something by the door that nobody else seemed to notice before, and found herself opening a letter from someone who is most probably dead…

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6. Thursday

3:34 – OMG-OMG-OMG!!!!!! You cannot guess what happened today!!! Or rather, WHO happened!!!!! Well, we were all sitting in our desks, doing morning registration, when our head teacher, Mr. Rojether, barged in with some boy behind him. ‘Children, this is Zayn. He’ll be in your class from now on.’ He sat in the row behind me. And he is SOOO cute!!!!!! He’s got this brownish skin colour and short, spiky black hair… and the eyes… he’s got enchanting brown eyes, and you can’t help just staring into them. He smiled and said ‘hi’ in this really sweet voice, making me almost fall off my chair. I hope he notices me!!! I like him SO much!!!
5:00 – Mum and Connor are back. I am NO WAY gonna tell them about You Know Who. They’re calling me downstairs. Be back in a sec…
5:07 – this is too much for me… first the guy, and now THIS!!!! I think I'm gonna faint... 
Basically, I hurried downstairs, hoping to find a present or something. But this was WORSE!!! Way worse!!!! There they were: mum, Connor, Kyra, and… some guy I didn’t recall. Then Kyra said ‘Effie, I don’t think you care much, but this is Josh, my boyfriend.’ I almost fell over. Kyra having a boyfriend means more Horrible Kyra, and less normal non-Godzilla Kyra!!! Then I just ran up to my room. And now I'm lying down on my bed, thinking about at least a dozen of ways to avoid Kyra and Josh for the next 2 weeks. I predict they’re not gonna last longer than that. Kyra’s not the person you’d want to spend 24/7 with…

6:00 – Ketia phoned. She asked if I want to meet up at the mall tonight. I said NO WAY is Connor gonna let me go after dark. Even though it isn’t even dark yet…

6:30 – In my room pretending to do my homework. Guess who told me to…? Ha-ha.

7:00 – Connor came in and told me that if I don’t do the homework, I’ll be grounded. As if!

8:00 – I actually did my homework. Only because I wanted to save mum some time worrying about my grades. I keep thinking about Zayn…

9:13 – just had supper. I'm thinking of ways to impress You Know Who… too bad our school has a uniform… This is what I've got so far:

say hi to him whenever he walks past me

play with my hair all the time

draw love hearts on my wrist

try to save up for make-up

pass him a note with our phone number on it

make a good impression on the yr. 8 dance next week (forgot to mention that before)


Only 5 days to go until the first ever yr. 8 disco!!!! I can’t wait!!!!

It’s my bedtime soon, better get going before Kyra bombards the bathroom with all her stinky bath oils and deodorants. Bye!


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