Just Another London Girl

Effie Grinham is an ordinary teenager. Completely. She went to school in the morning as usual, hung out with friends like every day, swooned about boys and talked about annoying teachers behind their backs. She got back to her house in north London as normal, had an ordinary dinner with her mum, older sister and Connor - her mum´s man (she doesn’t like to call him her step-dad, which is understandable, seeing he goes on nag-nag-nagging all day long about all sorts of pointless things). She begged her mum a bit for a new mobile phone and some pocket money, just a little bit, for the shopping spree organized by her BFF´s on Saturday that she simply cannot miss. Connor told her to do her homework instead of being lazy, sitting on the sofa all afternoon.

It was such an average day.

Until she accidentally found something by the door that nobody else seemed to notice before, and found herself opening a letter from someone who is most probably dead…

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3. Introducing...

My mum – Nathalie Grinham. Age: ancient (nearly 39!!!). She’s really pretty; I wish I looked more like her…

My dad – Diego Grinham. He died before I was born (sob, sob). He was really cool (apparently), though. He was from Argentina, which gives me this really pretty Spanish look (yay!). Mum met him when she was on holiday, they fell in love, he moved in with her, blah, blah, blah… He died in a car accident when he was 27, Kyra was 3 then (she’s always on about how he died suddenly, he just walked out one day and never came back cuz he got run over and there wasn’t even a funeral apparently), and so he would be around 40-ish now, if he was still alive. I do not own a picture of him and have no idea what he looks like so cannot draw him :(

My sister – Kyra Grinham. Age: 16. She HATES me. I think. Well, she certainly acts like it!!! She’s got short black hair and does NOT have to wear glasses, unlike me… grrr… and she wears loads of make-up (she looks like Snow White with that amount of powder!) We go to the same school, but next year she’ll be leaving for college (yay!).

Mum’s boyfriend – Connor (unknown surname). This really annoying guy. He nags me on about cleaning my room every day, feeding Muffin, doing my chores, doing my homework… Urgh!!! (I can’t really draw him properly; usually you can see the annoyingness in his eyes)

Ketia Raven – my bestie. We’ve known each other for almost 9 years now. She’s in my class (thank God!!!).

And not forgetting Muffin – my hamster. He lives in a big cage in my room. He’s a Russian Dwarf hamster, meaning he’s real small and fluffy!! 
You might be wondering why it’s pink. Well, it’s because we thought Muffy is a girl until 2 weeks later the vet told us he isn’t. And it was too late to return the cage :)





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