Limited {Harry Styles}

That’s all the time he had. Limited. No exact date, but what he was told, was sooner
than his hopes wanted it to be.
Now, all he can wonder is if he could win her over again.
Liana Harper doesn’t remember anything at all. She doesn’t remember how old she is, what her middle name is, why she’s in a hospital bed, and she especially does not remember that curly head man that’s sitting in that chair in the corner of the room. Ever since she woke up, every single time she tried to remember something, she felt strained and didn’t know why.
Harry wanted her to remember so badly, he just wanted her to whisper his name and smile, but whenever he got close to his girlfriend, a look of fear and confusion was all he got from her. He couldnt deal with it. One evening, he had gone home and went to bed when something warned him of his limited time. He had a short amount of time to win Liana’s love all over again or she would forget about him all together. Will he make her love him?


1. Prologue

"I wouldn't procrastinate, Harry. You have a limited of time until she's gone." The spirit warned me.

"Gone?" My voice held great disbelief. She couldn't possibly leave, could she? Sure, she had lost her memory in that car crash and didn't want anything to do with me now, but that didn't mean she would leave me like I was nothing.

That's what I was to her now. Nothing. Just a stranger that always sits at the bottom of her hospital bed. Just some crazy guy insisting that she had to have known him some how, in some way. It killed me to think that way.

But it was true.

"She'll move on, leave you all on your own. She'll meet someone new and start the family with him that you always wanted with her. Gone. Out of your life forever."

It sunk in, cutting me like a knife. What if she didn't ever remember me?

"I have to make her...fall in love with me again?"

"Yes." The spirit answered. "You two are destined. She isn't like all those past relationships you had, Harry. She's the one and unless you want to lose her forever, then I suggest you listen to me."

"What if she doesn't love me ever again?" I choked out. I was close to tears, not wanting to believe what the spirit was telling me. I had to, it was a sign, a wake up call telling me that if I didn't do this now, our love would be never. 

"You need to have faith or everything you have ever wanted will pack their bags and leave. I know you don't want that." The spirit shifted across the dark, cold room, over to the window that displayed the most perfect white moon. "Now, get some rest. You'll need it."

And like that, it was gone. Leaving the already freezing room colder than it was before. It made me realize how lonely I truly was. 

Trying to relax, I laid my head of brown curls down on the cotton pillow. With my eyes closed, I tried to sleep, even with the horrifying thoughts of Liana leaving me forever.

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