High Flyers

Lexi is a fourteen year old who goes to a riding school in Bexley, and as far as she is concerned, its the best place ever. She has a group of friends, Millie, Ria and Summer. They all have their own horses at the stables. They all share one lifetime dream; to be an eventer. But with Lexi's unfocused group of friends, will they ever live their dream?


1. The profiles

Lexi is a 15 year old girl who lives in kent. She goes to a riding school in bexley and has her own horse there, Mystical Moon Dancer. She loves horses, and she doesn't care much about anything else, except school of course. She has a life long dream of being a world famous eventer, riding Mystical Moon Dancer. She has luxurious blonde hair and deep sky blue eyes. She isn't from the richest family in world, but she also is not poor. She lives in a nice house house with her mum and dad, and is an only child. 


Mystical Moon Dancer is a black thoroughbred, and is a great jumper in Lexi's eyes. He is 15.1 hands high and is stabled at a livery yard. Lexi and Mystical Moon Dancer (Known as Mystic for short) are best friends and they trust eachother completey. 


Millie and Ria are 13 year old twins and OBSESSED with one direction. They don't really care much for their horses, Winter and Blue moon. 


Summer is Lexi's closest friend, and they have been friends for ten years. She has a horse called Spring has sprung, or spring for short. She also care for little more than her horse and school, but she doesn't mind Justin Bieber. Summer is a week older than Lexi, and usually they share birthday parties together. when her mother and father died, Lexi's mum adopted her to keep the pair together.


Spring is also a thoroughbred and has a chestnut coat. She is Mystic's younger sister and is the same height as him. She loves Summer, but when she is told that Summer has left her so she can go to a concert she feels unloved. 


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