Fight to the top

This Is about 12 people who believe they have got what it takes to be able to fight to the death to make it to the last point in a competition where they will be put way past there limits, Strength, and more just to be able to stay alive, There will be 1 v 1 matches to fight to the death the winner continues through the competition to be able to go home with there life instead of perishing in the grave yard where they all will go when they lose.


2. The Arrival

They All get on to the bus That Parks Outside for them and they all bring there weapons, Corrin is there sharpening her claws and knifes, Jack is with his samurai practicing and little Ellie is using her daggers for some target practice, A conversation starts up between Corrin and Jack, Jack has liked ellie ever since she got on the bus, She is twiddling her brown beautiful hair while jack his trying to look cool, Jack is complimenting corrin on her beautiful nails, Corrin is starting to realize that jack likes her and she is a little player but she kinda likes his his style and his hair and his blue eyes, they seem to fit perfectly, They Start to chat and become more and more in love until ellie breaks it up frowing a Dagger right between them, The all sit together and say i wounder who we are fighting, Ellie said " my letter says we will just be fighting" and so did jack but Corrin had a different letter it looks the same but its got an extra clue, It says " you will all fight against each other to win your life and the 100 thousand. Ellie breaks down crying, Corrin and jack try to comfort her saying it will be fine but Ellie knows it will not be fine she is already friends with corrin and jack and say one of them die before her she will have to live with it through the competition or before she dies.


The Couch stops, There is a old abandoned building towering over them, they immediately  pull there weapons out ready just in case, They See a crooked old man at the front door of the house, 

It All Goes Black.

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