The Nerd Love 2

This is the Sequal To The Nerd love. ( A Gay Cody Simpson Fanfic ) Thus naked place a year later, Cody And Devin just moved into there new home. But They're havin problems... They have been fight since they think they have no time for eachother. Then something Happens. All of sudden breakups, arguements,new boyfriends,and then someone is never seen again. (Ross Lynch Gay Fanfiction)


5. Justin & Hospital

Ross POV 

I Try to be quick but it wasn't working. I pull up some porn it still doesnt work. I get some toys finally cum and clean up and check the time 5:30 I only have 30 Min. I get in my car and head to theatre.

Devin's POV

I'm driving to the theatre and i get a text from Ross.

Ross: I might be late

Devin: Its okay

Ross: Im sorry i had something to take care of in my pants..

Devin: Ohhh now i have a problem there too ;) 

Ross: Ummmmm Love you bye baby

Devin : bye

 I Pull up to the movies and see Justin Bieber. Hes one of Cody's Exes. " Hey Justin!" I yell. He looks at me and walks up to my car. " Your Cody's boyfriend right ? " he said in a flirty tone that freaked me out. " not anymore" I said. He smiles and says " you want to Go out Sometime ". I Frown and say " no I have a Guy that im kinda going out with" > he Then says nothig and leaves then i hear him murmur " Fuck i need a Cock". I giggled and go on my phone. I see i lost 300,000 Followers on twitter. i see a tweet that Cody posted. 

Cody simpson:

" i Loved him and all he does is break my heart ! Now i got this new home for him and hes gone Fuck you!"

I start to cry. i put my phone in my pocket and cover my eyes with my hands. i look up and a Guy hits me in the face with Metal Baseball bat. 

Authours notes:

Sorry for the wait Ive been busy working and summer so I made a date of everytime i update. every sunday! so see you next week!

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