The Nerd Love 2

This is the Sequal To The Nerd love. ( A Gay Cody Simpson Fanfic ) Thus naked place a year later, Cody And Devin just moved into there new home. But They're havin problems... They have been fight since they think they have no time for eachother. Then something Happens. All of sudden breakups, arguements,new boyfriends,and then someone is never seen again. (Ross Lynch Gay Fanfiction)


2. Breakups & Exes

I wake up at home in bed spooning with cody. I push him off and go to the living room. I sit down thinking. Then i grab my phone i have a million text about how me passing out is everywhere on the internet. It Says:


Devin then hears his boyfriend walking over. " What the fuck is wrong with you why are you going out Getting drunk at eighteen!" Cody yells. " Because of you " Devin says really quiet. Cody Then gives him a puzzled look. " What did i do " Cody asked. " You Never have time for me." Devin says " You sometimes have time then you just go and work more its like i dont exist were never all romantic like we use to " " So thats the reason " Cody says. " Then Well i guess we should break up" Devin then Feels shocked at the words "Break" And "Up" Devin then runs Out the house and gets in his car and goes to his sisters house. 

I was living there for A week now. I was sad depressed Dead well felt dead i wasent sleepin iwas up all night just crying. Then there was a knock on the door . I got up got in some better clothes and opened the door. It was my ex Ross Lynch. We dated for a few months when i was 14. We broke up because he thought i was ugly and i thought he was ugly but now he was amazing. He was fit, And Hot. His hair was great Blonde with brown streaks. Blue eyes, He was gorgeous. And i was a hot mess. Red face, sweaty. I looked incredibly Depressing. he didnt seem to mine because i realized his Amazing Lips were pressed against mine. Then Cody Car pulled in. 


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