Adopted brothers

Liam Niall Louis Harry and Zayn all five of them were adopted. They get along really well. They look out for each other and make sure they're not messed with. They're the schools 'Bad boys' you know the kind that everyone is afraid of and nobody wants to mess with. Then there's the two new girls, Mousie and Pixie. Pixie's a total goody goody when it comes to school but then turns wild once that final bell rings. Then there's Mousie a tatted boxing babe, she has good grades but will step up in anyone's face if they come at her or pixie wrong. They are best friends almost sisters. They move to England and find and buy a small house together. They meet the boys at school but it gets pretty wild.




*~*~*HARRY'S POV*~*~*

    I watched as the new girl waited for her friend by their car. It was the same one that lives next door to us. I got in the backseat whilst Zayn and Louis got in the front. "She's mine Louis I marked her!" Zayn yelled 

"You can't do that I called dibs!" He yelled back

"why are you guys fighting about some girl ain't it bros before hoes!" I intervened we usually never fight especially not over girls. This girl must really be something to make Zayn and Louis fight.  

   We pulled up to the drive way Niall and Harry's car was parked in the driveway. I walked inside and dropped my backpack in the kitchen. "Hello Hazzy how was school?" Samantha asked 

"great, how was the house?" I asked trying to be nice 

"I made cookies for the new neighbours and I'd like for you boys to take it to them!" She smiled I nodded then went up to my room I changed into a white t-shirt and skinny jeans then over to Louis room. 

"Mom wants us to take the neighbours cookies" I stated he looked away from his window and up at me. 

"Alright I'll tell the boys" he sighed he looked out the window again "look they have a guy over who do you think that could be?" He asked a bit mad 

"I don't know let's go find out" I said he nodded and exited his room. I walked back into the kitchen 

"take these and you guys can have these as a treat" Samantha smiled walking away I grabbed a cookie off the plate that she said was ours. It was chocolate chip my favorite. The boys came downstairs they were all groaning and complaint that they didn't want to go. I grabbed the cookies and we left to the neighbors flat. 

  Louis knocked on the doors man answered the door a big buff guy answered he was tall and had on boxing gloves, he looked sweaty. "Bug whose at the door?" A girl covered in tattoos yelled coming over to the door. She had on boxing gloves and looked sweaty like the guy who I guess name was 'bug' 

"Our foster mom wanted us to take you guys some cookies as a sort of welcome to the neighborhood type thing" Liam smiled she laughed 

"so you are stalking me!" She said nodding her head she took off her gloves and tossed them inside she grabbed the cookies from me and handed them to the guy 

"How is it I'm stalking you? You could be the one stalking me then you're just trying to throw me off?" Liam laughed 

"You wish I were stalking you" she laughed she looked at the rest of us. "Would you guys like to come in?" She asked we all walked inside her house it didn't have much furniture there were three bean bags and a flat screen tv there were also a lot of boxes around the house. 

"So Andrews? You know my brother Liam" Zayn said I guess her name was Andrews Liam laughed 

"we bumped into each other" Liam laughed 

"Literally" she smirked 

"We have second period together " Liam stated 

"Is she the Andrews that drew you that picture you hung up on your wall?" Niall asked the tall buff guy came in he sat next to Andrews and wrapped his arm around her whispering something in her ear. 

"Yeah Niall, that's her" Liam mumbled to Niall 

"Right! Guys this is my brother bug bug this is Liam Zayn Louis and I don't know the other two" Andrews said

"I'm Niall, and that's Harry. It's nice to meet you" Niall said. 

"You too" bug said he nudged Andrews on the side. 

"Oh I'm Mousie" she said leaning forward. 

"So that's your real name?" Zayn smirked

"Andrews is my real name too, it's just my last name" she said I thought about it for a moment Mousie Andrews. It fits and sounds good together.


   I twirled my thumbs thinking of what to say when Pixie came down wearing my marylin Monroe tee that I cut the sleeves off and a pair of my sweats. "Were you in my room!" I yelled at pixie

"Yeah I borrowed a shirt and sweats" she said as if it were nothing. "I hope you don't mind" of course I fucking mind why else would I ask her about it! "Mouse can I talk to you in the kitchen?" She said staring at the guys. I got up and walked to the kitchen. 

"I do mind" I muttered as we stepped into the kitchen. She rolled her eyes. 

"Mousie they're bad why'd you let them into our house?" Pixie scolded I laughed 

"It's polite, what makes them bad all the tattoos and dark clothing?" I asked a bit shocked but mostly angry. 

"No, it's just there's rumours-" I cut her off

"there's rumours about me saying I'm bad-" 

"No Mousie you know what I-"

"Obviosly I don't, Pix I didn't teach you to judge people based off-" 

"I know-" 

"Then give them a chance" I sighed walking out the kitchen 

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