Adopted brothers

Liam Niall Louis Harry and Zayn all five of them were adopted. They get along really well. They look out for each other and make sure they're not messed with. They're the schools 'Bad boys' you know the kind that everyone is afraid of and nobody wants to mess with. Then there's the two new girls, Mousie and Pixie. Pixie's a total goody goody when it comes to school but then turns wild once that final bell rings. Then there's Mousie a tatted boxing babe, she has good grades but will step up in anyone's face if they come at her or pixie wrong. They are best friends almost sisters. They move to England and find and buy a small house together. They meet the boys at school but it gets pretty wild.



3. Chapter 3


    We pulled up to the school it was a huge. There was teenagers staring at us as usual being the new kid you always get the usual stares also when you have as many tattoos as I do then a lot of people stare. Pixie mainly got friendly stares I got the stares that meant They were scared of me. Pixie got the usual friendly new kid stares. Sadly pixie was on the other side of the school because she's only a year younger than me. "Bye Mousie" she smiled she waked to her class while I walked to mine. I stopped by my locker first I put my backpack away and got what I needed until lunch time. I'm a senior so gladly this is my last year in this hell hole. I walked into class students stared at me of course. "You must be Mousie?" The teacher said shaking a bit she had a fake smile. 

"Yeah I'm Mousie!" I smiled I stuck out my hand and she flinched. "I'm not going to hurt you miss there's no need to be scared!" I defended she sighed and shook my hand. I rolled my eyes. 

"You can sit anywhere you'd like" she said I sat at the back of the class the seat next to me was empty and had the name 'Louis' carved into it. On the other side it said 'Niall' and that seat was empty too. I leaned back and texted my friend Bug the teacher saw me but I think she was to scared to say anything. The late bell rang and class began. 

"I'm at your house Mousie, and yes I bought you groceries like you asked I'm putting them away now" bug texted. I smiled two boys walked in and sat in the empty seats next to me one had blonde hair and the other had brown hair and abunch of doodled tattoos. They were both fudging HOT

"Thanks bug, you staying the night?" I texted back I shoved my phone in my pocket and laid my hands on the desk I started taking notes like all the other kids I was caught up.

"Mate I called dibs!" The boy with the brown hair whisper yelled 

"I saw her first!" The other one said I pulled out my phone I had a text from bug 

"yes" he texted I shoved my phone back into my pocket. 

"She's mine Niall!" Before I knew it I had a pair of soft lips smashed onto mine it tasted like cigarettes. I pushed the guy off of me and stood up. 

"Dude I'm not anyone's!" I yelled I grabbed my stuff and walked out of class. I walked to the bathroom but I bumped into someone coming out of the restroom he had a buzz cut and beautiful brown eyes. 

"I'm so sorry!" He apologized he seemed sweet he helped me off the ground and helped me pick of my stuff I grabbed his binder then jaded it to him. 

"Sorry I wasn't watching where I was going" I laughed he had tattoos covering his body. 

"No it's my fault I didn't see you your so short!" He laughed reeked of cigarettes and weed 

"Am I that short?" I laughed 

"kinda, uhm I'm Liam by the way" he smiled sticking out his hand. I shook his had in return 

"Mousie" I said "so uhm are you ditching class?" I asked him his face reddened a bit 

"Yes, I'm mainly walking around the school. Are you ditching?" 

"I just came from class, some guy named Louis was arguing with a guy named Niall about whose I am!" I said rolling my eyes 

"Their my brothers" he said I looked at him. "Foster brothers" 

"You're in the system!" I cheered "I am too!" I said "Well was I got emancipated when I was sixteen." I sighed 

"I was adopted three years ago" he smiled 

"If you don't mind me asking how long were you in the system?"

"since I was thirteen. You?" 

"Six" I said nodding my head the bell rang and students started filling the halls "It was nice talking to you Liam see you around?" I smiled he nodded 

"can I uhm get your number maybe we could hang out sometime?" He asked I grabbed a fat sharpie

 out my back pocket and wrote my number on his arm

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