Never let you go

New girl Ashleigh moves to bells view high and meets popular boy Justin Bieber they fall for each other instantly and makes Ashleigh believe that love at first sight may be true


1. First day

Part one:
I woke up to the sun shining in my eyes and my two sisters fighting downstairs. As I sat up I grabbed my iPod to check Facebook to see if I got any messages or notifications until I heard my mum shouting my name to come downstairs for breakfast. I Got up out of my bed and ran downstairs and sat at the table.

Mum: morning 
Me : morning 
Mum: sleep well
Me: yeah thanks 
Mum: eat up then go upstairs and get ready dont want to be late for your first day of school 
Me: okay

I finished my breakfast and ran upstairs to get ready I put on my black skinny jeans and my geek jumper I was starting a new school today called bells view high I was nervous but excited. I started doing my hair I thought I don't want to look like a scruff on the first so I decided to straighten it.

Mum: we're leaving 
Me: okay

I grabbed my bag and ran downstairs
And into the car I sat next to my two sister called lexi and Beth. Lexi was two years younger than me and Beth was three. I'm 16 so lexi was 14 and Beth was 13 we were all starting the same school today.

Me: so Beth,lexi both excited for today?
Beth: I'm nervous but excited 
Lexi: me to 
Me: don't worry there's nothing to be nervous about its just a regular day at a new school that's all
Lexi: I guess

We arrived at school and walked to the principals office and see what classes I'm in and stuff.

Principal: hello you must be Ashleigh 
Me: yes I am 
Principal: and you must be lexi and you must be Beth 
Lexi and Beth: yes 
Principal: take a seat please

We sat down and the principal explained the rules then she handed me a map of the school and a slip of what classes I'm in as I walked out of the office I said thank you.

I was walking along the corridor until I bumped into someone and fell on the floor.

Person: omg I'm so sorry 
Me:  it's fine

They helped me up and then I looked up  at him. My mouth dropped open this guy was gorgeous he had big brown chocolatey eyes,he had amazing hair he noticed I had my mouth open and said..

Guy: what is there something wrong
Me: erm no no nothing's wrong 
Guy: oh okay so what's your name 
Me: Ashleigh 
Guy: nice name mines justin 
Me: nice to meet you justin
Justin: so what lesson have you got next
Me: erm iv got English 
Justin: hey me to ( justin looks at the slip in your hand and says) were in the same class
Me: great 
Justin: come on we better get going 
Me: okay

me and justin were walking to class talking about all kind of random stuff until we reached the class.

Mr johnson: justin why are you late 
Justin: sorry sir I was just showing Ashleigh to class
Mr Johnson : ah and you must be the new girl then
Me: err yes sir 
Mr Johnson: well take your seat and sit next to justin 
Me: yes sir

As I sat down I could see a girl starring at me she had long blonde curly hair and had classic make up on she gave me a dirty look.

Me: erm justin who is that girl over there
Justin: oh that's louise she's the biggest bitch in school
Me: oh she's starring at me
Justin: yeah she's probably jealous 
Me: why would she be jealous
Justin: because you're beautiful

When he said that I blushed a little and my heart started pounding, my hands started sweating he saw me go red and said ...

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