Always you

Lilly Schmalfeldt of Alabama, wanted to see her favorite band, One Direction. Her mother surprised her with met and greet tickets along with front row seats. Little did Lilly Know, she would end up with someone she never expected to be with.


15. Pleasure

Harry's pov 
     I felt kinda bad for zayn but Sara doesn't like him so I told her to forget about what just happened and she said ok... She told me that she never really liked bri she said that Lilly was nicer and that Niall was a very lucky guy to have her... Well we kept at it and I told Sara to suck it... She looked suprised but after a couple minutes she agreed... She put her mouth on it and swirled her tounge around it until she couldn't get any closer I moaned and told her she was very good for her first time. 
      I told her to open her legs wide  and I slowly started to enter her. She was moaning and groaning she said that it hurt and I told her that it was ok.

Sara's pov 
     After a while I started to feel pleasure I let out a quiet moan... And I felt a click.... Me and Harry both let out our fluids on my bed. Harry stopped and took it out of me... Harry! Harry! He was sucking the life out of me but I liked it.

Harry's pov
      I went back up to her face and started to take off her sports bra... I moved down to her boobs and kissed them and licked them and sucked them... It felt so right. 

Sara's pov
       I was on top of Harry now I looked down on him and I was kissing his neck. And he was holding on to my ass and pushing his "thing" against my crotch it turned me on. We kissed passionately. I think I'm on love

Harry's pov 
    We stopped cuz she said we should... We just layed in her bed and just kept kissing... Just kissing it wasn't anything. But I think Sara is the one.... We were cuddling until I got a call from Lou... He sounded really happy~what so u want Lou?~I have a gf!~congrats!!~thanks well by I just wanted to run it in your face!~no Lou I have one too!!~really what's her name?~Sara what's ur gfs name?~Elizabeth but she likes it when I call her Liz or Eli. Ok by Lou~by hazz. Me and Sara went back to kissing and snuggling I LOVE LOVE LOVE HER SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is the one she is the love of my life I know it! Ermmm Sara can you be my girlfriend, I said while looking at her eyes...yes Harry! Uhhh Sara I love you~ I love you too Harry.

But I also liked Bri....... I'm so confused.

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