Always you

Lilly Schmalfeldt of Alabama, wanted to see her favorite band, One Direction. Her mother surprised her with met and greet tickets along with front row seats. Little did Lilly Know, she would end up with someone she never expected to be with.


16. decisions, decisions.

Harry's POV

I like Bri, but, I LOVE Sara. Me and Bri hadn't even had sex yet. And I just had sex with Sara. I just don't know who!!! "Harry, I'm so glad we did that." Sara said, with a huge smile on her face. "Me too, Sara." I said.

Sara's POV

Harry had left, to go meet Eli, Lou's gf. I was happy for Lou, and for Lilly. She had always had a crush on Niall, since One Direction auditioned for the X-factor. She had looked at me and Bri (Uggghhh) and said,"I'm going to marry the blond guy with the blue eyes. I had personally liked Zayn, but that was up until I met Harry in person. I heard my phone buzz, because I had set it on vibrate while me and Harry I looked to see who it was and it was, guess who, Zayn. "Hello?" I said in an akward tone. "WHAT THE HELL SARA? I THOUGHT I WAS IN LOVE WITH YOU AND YOU GO BEHIND MY BACK WITH ONE OF MY BEST MATES? CAN YOU FUCKING EXPLAIN? WHY SARA WHY?" Zayn yelled. "I decided I liked Harry, and not you. You are to conceited. Maybe you should date Bri. All she dose is talk about herself. Hmmmm where have I seen that before?" I asked, pissed off.

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