Just One Love

This story is about a girl who is totally in love with Harry Edward Styles. She knows everything about him from head to toe what she didn't know was when Harry wasn't on tour he was going to here collage. Her name was Alexis Black she was 19 years old and her birthday was 3/24/94. She has brown wavy hair, blue eyes and a skinny but fit body. She has liked One Direction ever since the X Factor. The question is after what Alexis thinks is a one night stand with Harry's fake character Jack Rollington turns into her finding that it was Harry all along but she has to keep her and Harry's relationship on the down low until Harry says so. Do you think she can hold it in or will she spill the details.........YOU TELL ME


1. introduction

Hi i'm Alexis Black I have brown wavy hair and blue eyes. I have a belly-button piercing i'm in a band called Embrace i'm the lead guitar player... I'm 19 years old and if I didn't mention this before witch I didn't i'm straight up obsessed with yes #1 boy band in the world One Direction..... Down side is I will never meet them i'm in love with Harry Styles yes that cheeky curly haired boy who has one of the most beautiful smile's I have ever seen in my life. I'm a dancer....My best friend's name is Amanda Black yes she is my sister but she is also my best friend. I live in England well London anyway. I  truly enjoyed writing but I have to go good bye journal -Alexis <3

Alexis we're gonna be late for collage if you don't hurry! Amanda yelled from down stair's. Okay i'm coming bye mum bye dad I will miss you a lot love you guys. I said as me and my sister were leaving to go to collage for 3 semester's all I heard was yell from both of them yelling bye. Tears streamed down my face as for we will not see our parents for 2 years..... 


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