Best of Two

Samantha is jut an ordinary high school chick... until these british twins come in from the UK named Harry Styles and Marcel Styles.

Harry Styles was the popular. He was very athletic, and got into the football team (and sooner became the captain), outgoing, and very outgoing. Meanwhile, Marcel is the total opposite. Nerdy, quiet, and likes to keep to himself sometimes. With Harry's oscar-winning smile and luscious curly locks, and Marcel's gelled up hair with big squared polished glasses, it's obvious to know that Harry's the hot twin.

Next thing you know, every girl is eyeing Harry Styles and Samantha has also fallen for the british charm. Knowing all the girls have better chance, with him Samantha hatches a plan to get closer to Harry. She decides to be-friend Marcel.


1. Exchange Student

I took a deep breath as I walk through the narrow halls of Melvin High as now a senior. To think that this will probably be one of the last times I will walk into this building, nervous as ever. It was the first day of school. Hmm, great. I walked into my desired locker and unlocked it. As I was putting books in my locker a guy bumps into me forcefully, knocking the books out of my hands. He was skinny, hair gelled up and big squared polished glasses. He was wearing a red plaid sweater and light brown cargo pants. Total geek look. I sighed as I started picking up my books. 

"I-I'm sorry, let me give you a hand." He said, swooping down beside me, helping me pick-up my books. To my surprise, he had a british accent. Pretty cool when you live in Canada. "I'm Marcel. Marcel Styles."

"I'm Samantha. Samantha Willow. But just call me Sam." I told him. I extended my hand and he shook it.

"By the way, I-I'm the locker right beside yours." He said. I nodded politely, not really wanting a conversation with him anymore. I mean, he's such a total nerd. And the way he sometimes just stutters-- ugh, he just gives all the signals of MAJOR LOSER. Just not someone I'd usually like to talk to or be-friend.

We finally finished putting all my books in my locker and he went back to his locker, which was right beside mine. 

"Marcel, could you give me a hand with my locker?" I heard a voice. Also with a british accent. I rolled my eyes, thinking Marcel must be talking to himself because the voice sounded EXACTLY like his. As I turn to look at him, I noticed a guy with brown luscious curly locks and one of the greenest eyes. He was wearing a black leather jacket over his white v-neck shirt and black skinny jeans. 

"Sure thing, Harry." Marcel says as he closes his locker shut. I watched as they both walked away, till they were out of my sight. I'm guessing that must be his older brother or younger brother. They do looks SO much alike... if only Marcel got rid of the glasses and stuff. 

I hear the bell ring and I slowly make my way to my first class. I check my schedule. It was English class. I look for the assigned class. I finally found it after a few minutes and walked in.

"Sammy!" I hear my name being called. I looked to the direction of the voice and saw my best friend, Desiree. She had her red hair tied up in a messy bun, and wore a big black sweater with grey leggings underneath it. She pointed at an open seat beside her's. I took a seat right beside her. I looked at the front of the room and noticed the teacher has not arrived yet.

"Glad we DO have a class together this year!" She spoke to me. I gave a soft giggle.

"I know right, but guess what happened to me already at school?" I said. 


"Okay, well I was just putting my books in my locker when all of a sudden some nerd hit me by accident and my books went over the floor and stuff, but no listen-- he's british. And he has a HOT major HOT brother or cousin that goes to this school too."

"You don't know?" She said with a hint of shock.

"What are you talking about?" I asked, confused.

"They're twins. Marcel and Harry Styles. They're exchange students and also both seniors, like us." She explained.

"Marcel is such a loser." I whispered. She stuck her lip out and nodded in agreement.

"I feel bad for him, compare him to his brother and he looks like a frikin joke!"  We both laugh in agreement.

I suddenly see Marcel walk into the classroom. Jesus Christ, now he's in the same class as me. 

I watched as he carefully eyed the room for an appropriate place to sit down. I looked at the desk in front of me and noticed it was empty. I gave Desiree a startled look, wishing he'd not choose the spot infront of me. That spot WAS one of the desks in the front row. 

Marcel noticed me in the crowd and smiled. I smiled politely back. I watched him walk towards my direction. I have never prayed so hard to God in my entire life. Let's just say God wanted me to suffer. I gave Desiree the "I'll switch with you" look but she just returned it with an evil smirk. 

I watch the teacher walk in. It was Ms. LaBelle. She quickly took the whiteboard marker and started writing her name on the board.

"I am Ms. LaBelle, and I am your English teacher." She introduced. "Now, this English class is not just any English class, it also includes poetry-- a bit of drama, the way I like it!" Her eyes glistened at the thought. "That's why I'll be choosing partners for your English class, help reciting poetry to each other."

Marcel raises his hand. Ms. LaBelle nods at him.

"M-M-Ms. LaBelle, wouldn't the use of poetry and s-such should be in our Drama classes?" He asked. 

"Why, I hoped someone would ask that!" Ms. LaBelle said, smiling at Marcel. "Poetry is also English. You see, the poetry I was talking about will also take us back to the olden times like William Shakespeare. I'm also preparing you for your Drama classes so you all won`t look like idiots when Mr. Travis teaches Drama to you, and also because it is required by the school division. Do you now understand, Mr. Styles?" 

"Yes, Ms. LaBelle, th-thank you." He answered. 

"Okay, to make these partnering up fair-- I have written all your names down in a piece of paper and put them in this glass bowl," Ms. LaBelle took out a glassbowl from under her desk. "I will pick names by random." She began calling names, and I didn't really pay attention because my name wasn't being called yet.

"Marcel Styles... you will be partners with..." I hear Mrs. LaBelle say. I prayed to God so hard I swear I think people can hear me praying. "Marcel, you are with Samantha Willow."

Marcel turns around, gives me a reassuring smile. "Don't worry, if you don't really know English that well, I'll help you out. I major in English." 

"Oh, you think I'm like that? For your information I major in English too." I said to him. He raised an eyebrow and slowly nodded. HE turned back to Mrs. LaBelle. I turned to Desiree and she started laughing. I sighed and rolled my eyes. 

****** LUNCH BREAK ******

"Ugh, so English, Gym, and Computers I had for the day so far." I said to her with a sigh. "How about you?"

"Well of course English, Art, and Workshop." She replied with a smile. I caught a glimpse of Harry Styles pass by a nearby table.

"Omygod, look at Harry..." I said admirably. Harry was eating with a few guys from the football team and also a bunch of girls surrounded them. I don't blame them, he's pure gorgeous.

"Sam, you've been staring at him all day like he is some kind of sex god."

I gave her a smirk and shrugged.

"Look at Marcel over there." Desiree said, pointing at where he was. He was at the far table, closest to the garbage can. He was by himself, eating a sandwich and drinking a ginger ale pop. 

"To be honest I feel kinda bad... but then again, it's kinda funny." I said. We both laugh. I sighed as I take another glance at Harry. "I wonder how I'm going to get him to like me. He's never going to notice me, he's surrounded by all girls. He doesn't seem like a jerk at all and he looks so nice."

"Well think, you need a plan. These girls only see Harry at school. They basically stalk Harry when he's in school. Which means you have to get some time with him OUTSIDE the school." Desiree suggested.

"How the hell am I going to do that?!" I asked. Then something in my head thought of the unthinkable. And also something I would definitely never do... but for someone like Harry Styles, I will do it. It's no harm anyways.

The lunch bell rings, and it' now back to classes. 

"OMYGOD, THANKS DESIREE AGHHH, IT HELPED ME A LOT! I KNOW WHAT TO DO NOW" I start to run to my next classroom.

"WAIT, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?" She yells after me.


I rushed to my next classroom. It was Chemistry class. I saw Marcel there, all ready. I guess he's also in this same class with me. Perfect. I took a deep breath and went up to him.

"Mind if I sit beside you?" I asked. He blinked a few times then shook his head. "Thanks." I gave him a smile.

"Hello class, I am Mr. Lent," Our teacher introduced. "Now, the person you sit beside will be your lab partner for the REST of the semester."

A smirk planted on my face, as my plan slowly unfolds.


(( Okay, first chapter so far! Sorry if she Sam sounds like a bitch but just trust me okay! This story is filled with plot twists and secrets and dark stuff... If you favourite and liked it, it would mean a lot to me and thanks for reading! Chapter 2 will be up soon! AAAGHHH! -Author ))

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